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Does The Al Golden Firing Force Virginia Tech's Hand?

Miami, U.S.C., South Carolina, Are All In Play

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

It was inevitable.  The "guy with the tie"  was sent down to South Beach to resurrect a program that was absolutely crushed by those guys in the black S.U.V.'s. After Nevin Karey Shapiro decided to "help" Miami with some good old fashioned boosting, the Hurricanes were down.  The N.C.A.A., in its infinite wisdom, decided to hamper the war machine that is Miami football.  They docked the Hurricanes 3 (yes 3) scholarships in the following 3 years.  Shapiro spent around  a reported 2 million hiring hookers for former players.  Rick Pitino and Louisville look like absolute choir boys compared to this "program".  They needed a guy to come in and clean house.  They needed a guy with integrity. They needed them some Al Golden.  Golden was everything he was advertised to be.  Biggest problem though, he didn't win enough for the Miami fans.  Saturday's absolute beat down was the final nail in the coffin for the well-gelled coach with the icy blue glaze.

That makes me ask the question: What is the better job...Miami or Virginia Tech?  We can argue both sides until we are blue in the face, but the fact remains that Virginia Tech is not officially open.  Jobs that ARE open include South Carolina, The U, and U.S.C..  Where, in your mind, would you rank VT in that pecking order?  I'm not sure exactly where we fit.  It is completely speculation to gauge commitment.  We need commitment from the Athletic Director, the department, and more importantly the boosters.  Like it or not, those guys ultimately rule the roost.  I have some bad news for season ticket holders and other huge fans like myself.  We don't have any say what happens next.  Our biggest boosters make our salaries look like laundry money.  There are people and estates of people that are willing to put up 500k annually to the program.  The last time I looked I didn't have that in my jeans after doing laundry.

Whit Babcock fully comprehends that we don't want to be the last one looking for a seat in the musical chairs game that is college coaching. At this point, based on results, there is a plan in place. My simple advice is not to be looking forlornly at Miami wishing their guy was our guy.