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Snapshot: Halftime Stats VT vs Pitt

A quick synopsis of VT's performance in the first half.

Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

SCORE: Virginia Tech: 7  Pitt: 10

First Quarter

Virginia Tech received the ball in wet, chilly conditions. On their first possession the Hokies went three and out, mustering up only three offensive yards. The Hokies started their initial defensive series against Pitt with a sack of starting QB Peterman before Pitt backup QB, Voytik, ripped off a 26 yard run. The drive eventually stalled, but Pitt walked away with a FG. The Hokies ensuing drive ended in a fumbled snap that the Hokies recovered, but still forced a VT punt. Pitt fumbled the punt, but was also able to recover their mistake. After three VT penalties, including a personal foul, Peterman threw a TD to put the Panthers up 10-0.

Second Quarter

The Hokies were able to put together a solid drive, to start the second quarter, which resulted in a TD from Motley to Phillips. Pitt started to drive downfield, but VT was able to strip the ball from Peterman. The Panthers recovered, but were driven out of FG range and forced to punt. Virginia Tech answered by going three and out after Motley was sacked for the third time. VPI was able to return the favor when Dadi Nicolas stopped Peterman from converting a third down. The Hokies started on their 23, but was stopped with a Motley interception. Pittsburgh’s ensuing possession was halted after some solid defensive play from VT.

Pittsburgh Virginia Tech
Total Yards 107 73
Passing 49 56
Completion - Attempts 3-7 2-6
Yards per pass 4.9 4.3
Rushing 58 17
Attempts 21 17
Yards per rush 2.8 1.0
Turnovers 0 1
First Downs 8 7
Third Down 3-7 2-6
Fourth Down 0-0 0-0
Time of Possession 15:59 14:01