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Virginia Tech @ Boston College: Gobbler Country Staff Picks

Believe it or not, we are in week 9!

Michael Shroyer/Getty Images

Last weekend had everything.  Offensive fireworks to start the game, and an incredible 4 OT finish.  Let's look at the writers of Gobbler Country and see what they have to say about Boston College.

David Kistler(6-2)

VT-31 BC 21

John Schneider(5-3)

There will be a winner on Saturday
At Chestnut Hill we all do pray.  
Who that winner will be is a random guess.
The game is likely to be a complete mess
And anyone proffering an opinion on the winner.
Shouldn't bet more money than a fast food dinner.
Two tire fires smolder for who stinks more.
The loser left to resemble a zombie movie's gore.
To the victor goes the smaller cloud of smoke,
And lay claim to a season that's less of a joke.

Tech's mediocre but better with Brewer offense is pitted against a good BC D.  A poopcicle of a BC offense squares up against a the Hokie's 3/5ths of a D.  And all streamed on ESPN3 because, really, who is going to watch this?  We are... Going to have to hook up the laptop to the big screen by half-past noon on Saturday.  Tech has a chance to win this one... or at least NOT LOSE it.   If Brewer stays on his feet,  24 - 10 Tech.  But this is us, against BC in Chestnut Hill... There is a Flutie involved.
VT 14  BC 10

But it could just as easily be 

BC 6 VT 3

It's a bulldozer pushing a tire fire running square into a smoldering trash pile.

Matt Costello(5-3)

I sadly think the wheels fall off this weekend and an already tumultuous season becomes even more so once we lose and stare at a 3-6 record. Boston College has a dreadful offense but the Hokies defense is barely mediocre at the moment. The BC offensive line will be too big and too physical for the Hokies defense to handle leading to a big rushing day (200 + yards). The Eagles will control the clock and the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. Brewer will keep the Hokies in the game with some big plays, but it will be too little too late, BC wins 20-14.

Jay Johnson(5-3)

The game against Boston College represents a chance for VT to break their habit of losing. Having dropped four of their last five, the Hokies need something to celebrate. Virginia Tech can only lose two more games before they lose bowl eligibility. If the Hokies want to keep their post-season hopes alive the Eagles are not one of the teams they can afford to take a loss against. The Eagle defense is currently number two in the nation for total defense. They are number one in run defense and are ninth in the country with 26 sacks. BC dominates the line. This is bad news for a Hokie offensive line that has struggled all year. Although the VPI offense has shown some recent improvement the BC defense should have little trouble stifling them. The performance of the Eagle defense and offense are inversely related. The Eagles have one of the best defenses in the FBS, but last week posted the season’s worst offensive FBS performance with a 79 yard effort! It sounds so odd to say this, but BC’s offensive weak point lines up nicely with VT’s defensive weak point. Boston College's offensive ability is already poor and the potential that their starting QB will be out with concussion symptoms furthers their woes. What we have here are two teams desperate to stay alive for bowl contention. The reality is that BC is one of the best in the nation at something and one of the worst. VT is mediocre at offense and poor on defense. This game is going to come down to who gets the break, or who generates their own break. VT’s defense isn’t good, but they have generated their own openings. This game could be decided by less than a field goal, so if VT’s defense can get a turnover in BC territory or score outright it might be the game in the Hokies' favor, and vice versa. I think BC’s defensive line will be too much for the Hokie O-line to handle, and Brewer will get to know the taste of Chestnut Hill well, in addition to generating a lot of turnover opportunities. BC has beaten VT for two years straight. At the end of the 2012 season it took an overtime effort, against a 2-8 BC team, to keep 4-6 VT’s bowl eligibility alive. Unfortunately, BC’s fantastic defense will do more damage than the VT can mitigate. Hokies lose 17-13.

Joshua Schneider(5-3)

Bad offense BC, mediocre defense VT. GREAT defense BC, mediocre offense VT. Too much tilting in BC's favor, and we've always had difficulties in Chestnut Hill, and this is a noon game. This is going to be UGLY. SUPER. UGLY. Do not bet on this game. Try not to drink during this game. This is two dumpster fires facing off to see who burns the hottest- and I'm not so sure if that'd be a good thing or a bad thing.

BC 17 VT 13. It just fits how our season is going.

Roy Hatfield(4-4)

The Hokies typically win this type of game.  While Chesnut Hill has been a bad host, the Hokies somehow find a way to score.  Look for Bucky to build on the momentum of the Duke game.  The guy is a straight matchup nightmare.  Hokies 20 B.C. 14

Chelsea Lindner(4-4)

I think this will be a messy game for both teams. Neither team have a great performing offense right now. BC defense is great, and VT's mediocre at best. I think this game will have lots of turnovers but I believe if Brewer can have a good performance, VT will win 21-14.

Joe Roy-Stewart(3-5)

Talk about a must win game for the Hokies bowl chances, Boston Colllege represents even more than that this week.  With a loss, Virginia Tech would have to win out to make a bowl, what would seem to be an impossible feat as of now.  With a win, the Hokies would need to win two games against teams with losing records to make a bowl, a much more realistic scenario.  If this is Frank Beamer's final season (most of us believe that it is) then going out with no bowl streak intact would be a sad end to a fabulous career.  If the Hokies can solve the BC defense, this should be a somewhat easy win.  Nothing is coming easy for the Hokies right now though, so I doubt this will either.  14-10 VT.

CJ Rooks(3-5)

Can Virginia Tech put up enough points to beat this BC team? The Hokies won't need much, 13-17 might just do the job. Travon McMillian will be counted on heavily to ease the pressure off Brewer. Boston College is very talented on defense and will rely on controllong the clock to limit the Hokies chances to score. I think Virginia Tech pulls out a squeaker, 13-10. This game will be very ugly.

So there you have it! What say you Hokie Nation?