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Saturday wasn’t ALL bad: Khalil Ladler Commits to Tech

Hokies land 4-Star CB commit from Florida

Future Fuller Replacements? Hokies land new Cornerback
Future Fuller Replacements? Hokies land new Cornerback
Sandra Dukes-USA TODAY Sports

In a little bit of a stunner, a recent mover has decided to commit to Virginia Tech. From IMG Academy, I give you Khalil Ladler, a 4-star on 247 (coincidentally, release per Evan Watkins of said site), on Rivals, and ESPN. He has been speculated to go to Miami, Florida State, or LSU, but there was a sudden jerk in Tech's direction of late- led by Watkins himself, suddenly popping a prediction on the 25th of September. Ladler is one of the highest ranked Virginia Tech commits, and adds to an already impressive potential defensive back class. He's also Tech's first recruit from IMG, which is a major athletic preparatory high school in Bradenton, Florida. Football alumni of their camps include Anquan Boldin, Eli Manning, Heath Miller, Chad Pennington, Cam newton, Steve Hutchinson, Ladanian Tomlinson, and others. Currently that school hosts a MULTITUDE of highly ranked prospects, so to see Tech making inroads is definitely interesting.

Khalil Ladler (Bradenton, FL. 168lbs, 5'-10", Cornerback)

Ladler most impresses me by being a willing tackler- and able when he bodies up to it. He does have a bit of a tendency to duck his head and not drive through the tackle, but he's at least aggressive in the running game and willing to fight through blockers to get the ball. I think he's got better-than-average ball awareness as well, and he's willing to get tight on receivers even in zone coverage. He's able to do that due to his speed. I like he's also proud of his special teams play- means that he won't be annoyed being in on punt block and return formations like some recruits, especially highly ranked ones. He takes alright routes to the ball, but still needs to work on pure form and his size, especially against many of these larger bodied receivers now in the game. But you can definitely see a good talent there- I'd think him closer to Kyle Fuller than Kendall, maybe in the Jayron Hosley mold.

Welcome to the Hokies, Khalil!