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Virginia Tech Vs. N.C. State:The Gobbler Country Picks

The Staff Weighs In On the Friday Night Matchup

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Here we are in week six, and the folks here at Gobbler Country have their picks in.

David Kistler(4-1)

I have a feeling that this is going to be another heartbreaker for the Hokies. Whoever the QB is (Motley or Brewer) is going to have to make plays through the air because the Hokies haven't had a decent rushing attack in 4 years (not the players faults either). The Wolfpack will utilize their speedy QB to hurt the Hokies on the ground and by scrambling to find open receivers. NC State will make too many plays for the Hokies to win this one. Tough season ahead.

Matt Costello(4-1)

I think Beamer & Co. take the cautious approach and rest Brewer this week which may be the downfall in this game. Motley needs a competent running game to succeed but without one he will look just as bad as he did against Pittsburgh. NC State is coming off a tough loss against Louisville and knowing that the Hokies are 2-8 in their last 10 home games at Lane Stadium view this game as very winnable. Close game until the second half, Wolfpack will pull away with the win 30-17.

Chelsea Lindner(3-2)

I think this will be another tough opponent for the Hokies. Motley hasn't looked BAD in his last few starts, but he hasn't looked great either. I think the toughest part of this game is NCSU's ability to put up points. If the defense can't make plays, I think the Hokies will also let this one slip. I'm taking NCSU to win this one, 28-14.

Roy Hatfield(3-2)

This game will start slow, and mercifully end fast. Tech falls to State 30-17.  The dynamic of Brewer playing is a huge piece, but the Hokies defense hasn't impressed.

Joshua Schneider(3-2)

I personally am going to have a hard time picking Tech until we see something different out of both the offense and the defense. The defense was better last week but the offense was abjectly offensive- boring playcalling mixed with terrible execution and a heaping helping of man-on-man destruction makes for a grumpy coaching staff and a skeptical writer. I personally think that, as of now, the heartbreaking/embarrassing defeats continue. NC State's season profile so far is much like Pitt's was- they've beaten up on cruddy competition- but that didn't stop us from a program-shaming defeat. I'll be glad to take the L on this after the game, but for now, I can't help but see Tech losing this game, somewhere along the lines of 28-24.

John Schneider(3-2)

I don't see any other way for Tech to win than to have Brewer come off the bench at some point in the game and provide some offensive impulse.  The problem is that all of our weaknesses are opposed by Wolfpack strengths.  They have a passing game, but their specialty is a slashing running attack, that gets to the 2nd level.  Last week they struggled against Louisville but it still doesn't lessen the pain of seeing their run yardage total that's north of 1000 yards.  Their passing game isn't horrible either, with a balanced 1000+ in yardage total to a large group of receivers.

Stroman has been moved to the offensive side of the ball.  #DBU is again #DBCC (community college) due to injuries and the need to fill in for struggling linebackers.  I just don't see how we win this one, unless there is some sort of miracle on both sides of the ball.  The Hokies seem to be out of those for this season.  NC State 33 Virginia Tech 13.

Jay Johnson(2-3)

Last year, at this point in the season NCSU was 4-1, which is where they stand now. This season and last the Wolfpack opened up 4-0 by playing weak FBS or FCS teams for the first month. N.C. State’s only test has been against Louisville, and though they lost, it wasn’t by much. I maintain that the Cardinals are a dangerous team. The fact that NCSU kept to within one score leads me to believe that they are also dangerous. Last year the Wolfpack went 8-5 and defeated UCF in the Bitcoin St. Petersburg Bowl. Last year the only team, of even mild repute that NCSU beat in the regular seas was rival, UNC. N.C. State had a horrible time running the ball against Louisville, 30 attempts for 45 yards, and lost two fumbles. There is not a team in the ACC that the Hokies can take lightly. But, NCSU is not as strong as their record indicates. The Hokies need to win this game, and develop some confidence before they face the remainder of the Coastal teams. A loss on a nationally televised game, at home, and at night would be terrible for the program. I think the team is motivated, I think they are angry, and I think the Hokies come out with a fire not seen since the second quarter of the Ohio State game. Hokies win 35-17.

C.J. Rooks(2-3)

I don't like this matchup at all for Virginia Tech. The Hokies seem to be on a downward spiral and it doesn't look like it will get better anytime soon. If Michael Brewer comes back he won't be the same right away. Frankly I am scared that he might get hurt again. This offensive line was embarrassed last week against Pittsburgh. On top of that, NC State is coming into this game with a huge chip on their shoulder. The Wolfpack dropped their ACC opener and are out to prove they are a legitimate threat in the conference. I think Jacoby Brissett will find huge holes in this Hokie defense and will help his team earn their first ACC victory of 2015. NC State wins 23-14..

Joe Roy-Stewart(2-3)

I have a feeling that I will be the one contrarian when it comes to the Hokies this season.  This is a difficult situation that the team and the coaching staff are in right now, but there is a large part of me that just thinks that the team is too talented and in many ways just needs that spark or that light-bulb moment in order to put things together and for us to see a changed team.  Let's remember, Motley looked quite good in his first three starts, the offensive line was doing solidly for much of that time as well, and in many ways, we were talking about defensive struggles a week ago.  This isn't a world beating team, but the talent is way too good for this to be a under .500 team as well.  I say that a night game is exactly what is needed and all three phases look good against NCSU.  34-14 Hokies.

Well there you have it Hokies! What do you see for Friday night?