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Win or Go Home! The Game Tonight Is Huge For the Hokies

For Beamer and the staff either get busy winning or we will find people who will.

Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

Win or go home!  This time of year you hear that all the time.  As the baseball playoffs are heating up and the divisional series are starting to be played, win or go home, has been adopted as the unofficial phrase of the Fall in sports.  And as the leaves are changing and the beauty of Blacksburg is coming into full bloom, the phrase win or go home is beginning to spread its way on to the gridiron as well.

2-3 is unacceptable!  Not since 1992 have the Hokies started a season looking this bad.  7 sacks is unheard of! And those types of mistakes hurt the entire team, not just Brandon Motley who was back there taking the shots.  91 passing yards in a game in terrible!  I know that the Hokies have never been known as having a prolific passing game, but when you have weapons like Bucky Hodges, Isaiah Ford, and Ryan Mallett at your disposal, you need to do far better and we expect more than 91 freaking yards.  9 rushing yards is pathetic!  Period!  Never in my life did I think I would see a Hokie football program who's had the likes of Kevin Jones, Lee Suggs, and Ken Okendine, EVER have such an unwatchable rushing performance like that!

Finally the last number that has gotten under my skin is 49,210.  That was the crowd that went to the game last Saturday when the Hokies played Pitt.  The weather was terrible, though not quite as bad as everyone said, and it was also at noon which is traditionally a bad time for a home game at Lane Stadium.  That being said, it was the smallest crowd for a game at Worsham Field since a 1998 game against Rutgers.  Are you kidding me?!?  This is because of the product on the field, but it is our fault as fans for not supporting our team.  As fans, we have an obligation to treat our players with more respect than this.

I know many of you are as angry and frustrated with what we've been seeing on the field as I am, but in order to be considered fans of our program, the #1 thing that we must do is support our student athletes.  They are busting there butts out there in practice, in the weight room, in class, and on the field for our enjoyment, and we can't even get off our couch and go to a freaking game?!?  We are better than that Hokie fans, I know we are.  I've seen us brave the elements and make our way to Blacksburg for what is the best atmosphere in ALL of sports.  WE make that happen.  And when we don't and they lose, part of that loss is on US.

Blacksburg is our home, no matter where we find ourselves right now and it's calling.  Make the pilgrimage back for we need everyone we can.  I'm going to be at the game tonight against NCSU.  I'm taking my little brother because gosh darn it is a family affair.  I know that if you can you will join me.  The weather might not be great, but we will be.

And finally, a word to our coaching staff.  As you said Coach Beamer, what we have seen on field thus far this season is unacceptable and not good enough.  There will be changes.  The only thing left to see is if you will be making them or if they will be made for you.  We will see how effective you and the rest of the staff really are tonight.  There is no more long leash, no more undying support, and no more wiggle room.  Right now, tonight, it's "Win or Go Home!"