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After Beamer Week 1: Recruiting in the Wind Nov. 6th

This is where you see the coaching change already coming into effect. This week Virginia Tech lost the commitment of Phillip Patterson and almost everyone is in the air. So we soldier on with our updates as always knowing that any moment it can all go rushing out the door.

Losing Frank means that the recruiting ship is going to start taking on water.
Losing Frank means that the recruiting ship is going to start taking on water.
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Here's a look back on Virginia Tech's recruits and their performances this week of Friday, November 6thth. We will no longer be getting updates on Phillip Patterson, as he decommitted this weekend. One would hope that these recruits would maintain their commitments, but since either side can pull the rug out from under each other, it's no surprise that a coaching change has turned at least one person off. This is easily where the retirement of Frank really puts us in a bind. A mid-season retirement announcement puts us ahead in the game when it comes to the search, but puts the recruiting in a lurch as high-schoolers immediately become unsure of what their commitment to the school is. Either way, I will continue to report on the current commitments knowing full well they might not stick.

Jovonn Quillen (Hampton, VA. 185lbs, 6'-2", Athlete)

No current video, sorry.

Hampton is 10-0 heading into the playoffs after beating Churchland 43-6. Quillen ran for three touchdowns, giving his team the number 1 seed in their division in the playoffs. He was 5-11 for 114 yards passing. Again, he's currently being recruited into the secondary, so I'm not overly worried about his offensive numbers, but I'm not currently capable of highlighting the defensive statistics.

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Victor Greene (Spotsylvania, VA. 215lbs, 6'-0", Outside Linebacker)

Courtland blasted Caroline, and is now8-2 after putting 63 points on the board in a shutout. While I can't find stats, we do have the tape of Greene in the victory. He ran for at least 3 touchdowns and over 100 yards on the night, and the tackle in the backfield was a nice bit of weaving work. Personally he still strikes me as a one-cut-and-go zone-scheme runner, but again, we're recruiting him as an outside linebacker.

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Reggie Floyd (Manassas, VA. 205lbs, 6'-0", Athlete)

After an 0-10 season, Stonewall is finished on the year, but I've included Floyd's senior season highlight reel. As far as I know he's being recruited as a safety, which is honestly what position he'd play insofar as roster need goes if I were running things. He's definitely a versatile and athletic halfback, but I like his ball skills and pursuit vision more than I do his running ability.

Eric Kumah (Woodbridge, VA. 205lbs, 6'-3", Wide Receiver)

Ouch. Forest Park closed its season on a complete haymaker, losing in embarrassing fashion to CD Hylton, 52-0. They got mercy-ruled (Virginia High School League rules mandate running clocks with certain scoring margins). Kumah only had two catches for 46 yards and 3 rushes for 5 yards. Yikes. Hype machine burst this week. Attached is his senior year highlight reel, which is more an abbreviated version of what I've been showing you.

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Joshua Jackson (Saline, MI. 200lbs, 6'-2", Dual-threat Quarterback)

Joshua Jackson had formerly said he was enrolling early, but his status as to that comment is somewhat in the air now that the coaching change has happened. Currently as long as Loeffler's on the staff, Jackson will not decommit, but if that changes (and it likely will), his status might change. I'll cover him as committed, but I hope that he will stay committed to the school and not the coach.

Saline is now 10-0 as they win 27-23 over previous opponent Ann Arbor Pioneer, winning their second consecutive district championship. Next week they will move to the Division I playoffs against Canton. He's also nominated for the Top 10 Michigan high school football players of the year by Michigan Live.

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Joshua Jackson Profile- Michigan Live

Divine Deablo (Winston-Salem, NC. 180lbs, 6'-3", Wide Receiver)

Mount Tabor's season is over, meaning Deablo's season is also finished.

Samuel Denmark (Charleston, SC. 175lbs, 6'-0", Wide Receiver)

Hanahan wins the Region 8-AAA championship, beating Hilton Head in a back-and-forth game, 49-45. Hilton Head was unbeaten to that point, but now Hanahan will host a home playoff game in the Class 3-A playoff. Denmark had a 65-yard TD run, an 80-yard TD catch (the game winner at 1:40 left in the 4th quarter- sending his sideline into an excited fury), a 2-point conversion catch, and totaled 123 yards receiving and 69-yards rushing. He's an utter speed demon, and from all sounds, he's still fully committed to Tech.

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Jimmie Taylor (Jacksonville, NC. 220lbs, 6'-3". Defensive End)

Southwest Onslow falls to 3-8 on the year after being blanked by Northside, 36-0. No stats as usual.

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Troy Pride, Jr. (Greer, SC. 165lbs, 6'-0", Cornerback)

Greer had a bye week until next game, which is on the 13th against Traveler's Rest. They did end the season undefeated. Pride is another recruit that might decommit at any time, as he's a Torrian Gray guy, and if Gray goes, he's not sticking around. This is the deadly balancing act with coaching changes. Players don't always commit to schools, they often commit to coaches- whoever will get them to look the best for any shot at the next level.

Thomas Jarrett Hopple (Suffolk, VA. 270lbs., 6'-6", Offensive Line)

Sorry, no current video.

Nansemond River finished their season with a beating of Lakeland, 52-7. It's their first winning regular season since 2002, leaving them at 7-3. They will likely be hosting Norview High School next week.

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Tavante Beckett (Chesapeake, VA. 215lbs, 6'-0", Outside Linebacker)

Western Branch went in and beat Indian River 35-14. Both teams will advance to the playoffs, but this puts Indian River at 8-2. The shock was the defense giving up so many points- they'd held six teams below double digits on the year, and Western Branch put up 28 in the first half. Beckett insofar as I have heard is a recruit that wants to play for Bud, and since he's the big key to any possibility we have to Jaquan Yulee this year or Devon Hunter next year (He's already a 2017 four star recruit at either safety or DT-QB), it's pretty important to keep him attached to the program. That's the kind of chain reaction we're looking at if things go one way or another.

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Clay Dean (Purcellville, VA. 255lbs, 6'-2", Defensive Tackle)

Woodgrove beat Loudoun Valley 28-8, ending their regular season at 9-1. They will face Heritage next week. Attached is his senior highlight reel. He's tenacious, yes. Personally I'd rather see him stood up and put at middle linebacker if you could tweak with his size/weight/speed a bit, but I doubt that will happen.

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Myles Wolfolk (Upper Marlboro, MD. 185lbs, 5'-11", Cornerback)

Maryland also has running clocks. Wise beat Suitland on Friday night, blanking them at 40-0. I can't find any stats for you, but I know that Wolfolk had a 47 yard reception TD as said above. Per his highlights, he also had an interception. Wolfolk is likely a Gray guy, and maintaining Torrian will likely secure his permanent commitment.

Emmanuel Belmar (Suwanee, GA. 220lbs, 6'-2", Outside Linebacker)

Well, Collins Hill did end up at 5-5 on the year, beating Norcross 13-9 to squeak into the playoffs with the 3-seed in Region 7-AAAAAA. They'll move to Lambert next for their playoff game. His observed line includes a fumbled snap recovery, a few tackles, including a couple for losses, and a sack. He's been put at DE more of late, but he's of the size he's going to have to stand up in college.

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Patrick Kearns (Rome, GA. 270lbs, 6'-5.5", Offensive Line)

Darlington is undefeated at 10-0 after a close victory over Chatooga, 14-6. It's their first undefeated season in almost 2 decades and will host a playoff game.

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Khalil Ladler (Bradenton, FL. 168lbs, 5'-10", Cornerback)

IMG Academy's season is over. Ladler is supposed to enroll early, no real word on what his status is of late. He did retweet the Gameday For Frank sign from College Game day, so hopefully that means that he's still intending to stick around.

Tune in next week for more high school updates...hopefully updates without decommitments.