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More Important For Frank: Gameday or Scott Stadium

The Frank Beamer era is over in just three games

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Frank Beamer will soon leave behind a coaching legacy that is unmatched by most. He helped elevate Virginia Tech football to unimaginable heights and he will truly be missed. The only question left to ask is.......How does he go out?

By now you have seen #gameday4frank all across social media. Hokie nation wants College GameDay in Blacksburg for Franks last and final home game as Virginia Tech's heads coach. While the request has not fallen on deaf ears, ESPN's premier pre-game show might have a hard time committing to the request. I only say that because of the other scheduled matchups slated for November 21st. Games like LSU vs. Ole Miss and Michigan State vs. Ohio State are most likely to get the nod over a Virginia Tech and North Carolina showdown. Even if it is Beamer's last game.

Former College GameDay host, Chris Fowler tweeted out his support for #gameday4frank back on November 1st.

Lets assume for a moment that ESPN does not come to Blacksburg. Does that tarnish his legacy? Does it even matter to him? I don't think so. Unfortunately the decision is out of his hands. ESPN doesn't technically owe Beamer and Virginia Tech anything. With so much negativity surrounding the giant sports conglomerate you think the decision would be a no brainer. They way I look at it, they have a little over a week before a decision has to be made. Thats more than enough time to analyze the amount of publicity and marketing they could exert out of one of the most memorable moments in college football.

So whats the backup plan to send Frank off into the sunset on a great everlasting memory? How about, overtaking Scott Stadium.

For those of you who don't know, Scott Stadium is where the Virginia Cavaliers play their home games. Beamer is 19-9 all time against Virginia has a current 11 game winning streak to boot. Let's be honest, Virginia Tech is the creme of the crop when you talk about football in the state of Virginia. While coaches have come and gone, he has remained and put together one of the most impressive programs in college football. What better to add to that list then filling a visiting teams stadium with nothing but burnt orange and Chicago maroon. According to Google Maps, the distance between Blacksburg and Charlottesville is about 143 miles. Anywhere between a 2-3 hour drive time. If ESPN spurns Beamer, I say lets start a new hashtag, #overtakescottstadium. Frank Beamers last game ever and Hokie nation outnumbers the home squad. What an amazing site that would be.

Virginia Tech needs to win two of its final three games just to become bowl eligible. A win on Saturday will help their chances with College Gameday, but I am going to go on record and say they will not show up to Blacksburg. I hope I am wrong, and It would be a great gesture, but it isn't going to happen. They are about ratings and bottom dollar. A trip to Lane Stadium would only entertain a certain part of the country. My prediction is that they will show up to Michigan States showdown against Ohio State.

Franks lasting memory shouldn't be about #gameday4frank or if Hokie fans overtake Scott Stadium. It should be about the outpouring of support that has been shown across social media. Take time out of your day to search the different internet post with that hashtag. Whether your a Hokie fan or not, it truly is a beautiful thing. Frank Beamer has done more for Virginia Tech football then we will ever know. It may be his time to step down, but he will never be forgotten. Here is to Beamer, the best Techmen to ever step foot in Blacksburg.