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Alabama State @ Virginia Tech Hokies Official Gamethread


Michael Shroyer-USA TODAY Sports

The basketball season is finally here! Post all of your comments during the game on this awesome forum! Coach Buzz begins the '15/'16 season with some high hopes...Let's Go....

This Week’s Matchup: VT vs ASUWhen and where: Saturday, Nov. 14th at 7 p.m. @ CassellThe Alabama State Hornets. Yeah, I didn’t think they existed either. The Hornets won 19 games last season, so it’s not like they’re perennial losers. But their strength of schedule last season was dead last in the entire country (351st of 351). The Hornets actually feature a very short backcourt, with three of their seven guards listed under 6 feet tall, meaning that the Hokies could give them plenty of problems defensively with their length.However, height isn’t everything. The Hornets’ primary scoring presence is Jemel Waters, the shortest player on the roster. He’s averaged about 14 PPG the last two years and will be the Hokies’ defensive focus. Luckily for the Hokies, the backcourt is the strength of the team. Waters will most likely have a difficult time on Saturday night scoring the ball efficiently and consistently.The Hokies also face a test on offense against a team that gave up the 60th least PPG in the nation last season, and ranked 50th in defensive rating. Not spectacular, but respectable. We will get an early look at what the newcomers to the Hokies bring on offense against an underrated Hornets defense.Although the Hornets and Hokies had records on different sides of the spectrum last year, the Hokies should win this game. Virginia Tech’s strength matches up well the Alabama State’s, which bodes well for the Hokies.