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No #Gameday4Frank = Blacksburg Party

Thanks for Everything Gameday, We Appreciate It!

Frank Beamer
Frank Beamer
Garrett Reid-USA TODAY Sports

I'm not happy about it.  You aren't happy about it.  But #Gameday4Frank movement didn't get the result we were hoping for.  To be honest, as much as I was spear heading the idea, the chances were small.  The noon kickoff was as early indication and there are bigger games to ESPN than UNC vs VT, but I honestly thought that they would look to their history and make, at least what I would and most of you would consider, the right decision.  But they didn't and unfortunately, it is done.

So, where do we go from here. As I said before in my previous article, even if Gameday doesn't come to Blacksburg for the final home game for Frank Beamer, we will have one heck of a celebration for him and for the program that he has helped to build.  And that is exactly what we are going to do.

No, I'm not in Whit Babcock's inner circle and I have no idea what he has planned, but you can bet your bottom dollar that he going to help make this week something that Frank Beamer, and all that love him, will never forget.

So what are we left with?  Well there is the idea of Metallica playing "Enter Sandman" either at Lane Stadium or on a recording.  This isn't all that likely since there hasn't been much time to get something as big as this, with one of the biggest bands in the world, ready.

Really, out of all of the other things that most of us think Frank and fans would want, Metallica playing in Blacksburg is the only one that is mostly out of the realm of possibility.

Most of what is left are things that truly honor Frank and would touch his heart and at the end of the day that's what we really want anyway.

Here are a few ideas for Whit Babcock to ponder over in the mean time:

#1.  A video tribute from his family.  This would mean the most.  Something that includes his wife, children, and grandchildren would be the best.  Nothing more than saying a little about what he has done and what it will mean to them to have him home and available would be perfect.

#2. A video tribute from his former players.  This would take more work, but I know enough of the guys to know they would be more than happy to do this and I know Frank well enough to know that it would mean the world to him.

#3  Having all the people who have worked for him on the field at the end of the first quarter.  This is usually meant for celebrating those who are going into the VT Hall of Fame or other sports who have had success recently, but I think this would be the perfect time for those coaches and assistants who have left the program to comeback with  their families and give thanks to Frank.

#4. A Frank Beamer chant before and after the game.  This is the hardest of the bunch, but I think it's something that we can do as Hokie fans, and it's something that he truly deserves.  We cannot have five minutes with him to tell him what he has meant to our program.  We cannot all send letters to him and hope that he reads all of them and sends us notes back.  What we can do is give him two total rounds off applause, where there is no doubt why we are there and who we are cheering for.  This means staying until the end of the game no matter what the score.  It means trying to make this happen, no matter the situation.  It also means coming out in full force, with a sell-out crowd, for our hero.  All of which I am confident that we will do.

So let's hold hands Hokie fans.  Let's make this the best send off that we've got.  If Gameday isn't going to be there, then we sure as hell need to be.  I'm going to miss hearing him as often.  I'm going to miss seeing his men on that field.  But his enduring legacy will be our faces in the stands and what we tell our kids about him.  Let's make Hokie Nation strong for Frank and his legacy.  Let's make Virginia Tech the best it can be.  I cannot think of a better legacy or tribute for a coach as beloved as Frank Beamer than that.