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Gobbler Country Staff Picks: Virginia Tech Hokies host the UNC Tar Heels

The Gobbler Country Staff gives their weekly predictions for Frank's last home game and Senior Day at Lane Stadium.

The Last Game at Lane Stadium for Coach Beamer
The Last Game at Lane Stadium for Coach Beamer
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

It's Staff Pick Time.  Does the  Gobbler Country Staff think that Frank's day will be a great one with a win?

David Kistler (8-2)

Virginia Tech will come out and play inspired football. We will score and get stops, but not for four quarters. Much like the Miami game, UNC is a mismatch nightmare for the Hokies. They have big, physical receivers, a solid passing QB that is big and mobile, a running back that is physical, but really fast, and a defense that is more disciplined than years past. I want nothing more than the Hokies to pull this one out for Frank, but UNC is just a better football team.  UNC - 31 VT - 23.

John Schneider (7-3)

There is always a chance to win when a good team takes the field and produces results in all three phases of the football game.  Unfortunately Virginia Tech has not managed to get all three things going in one direction too many times this season.  We saw a good effort at Boston College, followed by a struggling sort of homely product that came away with a win at Georgia Tech.  It seems when the offense is up, the defense can't get critical stops (Duke).  When the defense is shining, the offense just can't seem to move the ball (Pitt).  The only real time when everything just went in the same direction was the OSU opener and that was a collapse of everything as Brewer stood on the sideline in an icepack and sling.  The problem is that even if we get everything moving in the right direction, and bring our A game to the field for Frank's home finale, we are still looking at a UNC Tar Heel team that is just fundamentally better than ours.   I just don't see us pulling this out, this time.  UNC - 38 VT - 21.

Chelsea Lindner (6-4)

The Tar Heels sitting at No. 12 are going to be a tough matchup for us tomorrow. Their offense is on fire right now, scoring 125 points in the past two games. Their defense however has had some trouble slowing down the run game and with McMillian having three straight 100-yard games; he could be the hero in this game. I think with the win last week and this being Beamer's last home game, the Hokies have all the motivation in the world to win. The Hokies give Beamer his last home win and upset the Tar Heels.  VT - 28 UNC-26.

Joshua Schneider (6-4)

As much as it pains me to say it emotion is great but UNC is still the better team. Unless we have Williams' number and our offense quits its permanent split personality disorder we're looking at having to beat UVA to get into a bowl again.  UNC - 38 VT - 24.

Matt Costello (6-4)

This pick is all homer bias due to Frank's final game in Lane Stadium. I'd like to think the energy in the stadium despite being a Noon kick-off will be electric and the Hokies will come out with some intensity in the opening quarter. The Hokies can NOT get down early in this game and I think the game could be decided early if UNC jumps out to an early lead. The defense will force a couple turnovers and the pass rush led by Nicolas/Ekanem/Maddy need to be MVP on the day and keep the pressure on Marquise Williams all day long. Hokies pull out a stunner in Lane.  VT - 38 UNC - 31.

Jay Johnson (5-5)

UNC is absolutely scorching hot right now.  They are playing their best football the end of the season, which is exactly what teams want to be doing.  Last week I expected Virginia Tech to come out and show something that demonstrated a renewed focus and passion, but unfortunately it was the same as has been seen before.  VT struggled against a bad team, and after almost snatching defeat from the jaws of victory they stumbled to a win thanks to an unforced GT error.  While I would love to see the Hokies win one for Coach Beamer during his last home I do not think that will happen.  UNC is playing for just as much as the Hokies are, and arguably more.  The Tar Heels are pointedly better than the Hokies in almost every facet of the game. Unless UNC implodes and significantly helps VT then the Tar Heels will decimate the Hokies.  UNC breaks our hearts and crushes VT.  UNC - 42 VT - 21.

Roy Hatfield (5-5)

The Hokies will win one for the Gipper, in this case Frank.  Carolina wants to get to Charlotte, and most likely will, but Beamer's club satiates the Lane faithful.  Hokies 30 UNC 24

Joe Roy-Stewart (5-5)

Let's face it, UNC is a really good team.  Offensively, they have been more than solid all year, but with the defense also rounding into form, they are a truly formidable opponent.  That being said, this is going to be a special game at Lane Stadium on Saturday and this might be the best game we get out of this class of Hokies this year.  With my fingers and toes crossed, and no real logical reason, I'm picking the Hokies to do the impossible and pull it out. VT - 35 UNC - 31.

CJ Rooks (5-5)

I will keep it short and brief.  Virginia Tech will want to win one for the gipper, but unfortunately it won't happen. UNC runs away with it.  UNC - 35 VT -24.

Straight up Poll time folks.