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Integrity or Wins? The Virginia Tech Coaching Search Opens The Question

What is more important to the Fanbase? More Importantly, What is More Important to the Administration?

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Wins and losses.  It defines everything we do.  Whit Babcock is the cursed fool who determines the future of a proud Virginia Tech program.  The questions are plentiful, but there is only one answer.  "The next head football coach at Virginia Tech will be...".   Good luck my friend.  The names, they are aplenty.  The ramifications are severe.  I have stated on several occasions that the hardest job in college football is replacing "The Face".  We have done all the research for you, the reader. The missing piece to all of this is the decision.  This decison will determine a whole hell of a lot more than football games.  This decision will show the general populace what is more important at Virginia Tech:  Wins or Integrity.  Can you have both? That's a fair question.  Mark Richt at Georgia has integrity by the bucketful.  How many wins has Mark Richt had?  Here is where is gets hinky.  How many of Beamer's win were BIG WINS.  How many RIcht victories would be considered BIG WINS.  Beamer has won Big East, and A.C.C. championships.  Mark Richt has exactly 0 S.E.C. championships to his credit.  Have the Hokies won a big bowl game? Sure, please move on. Have the Bulldogs won a big bowl game? Sure, please move on, nothing to see here.  The real key is have they won the pivotal game that matters.   Living where I live, I get one question quite often.  "What S.E.C. team most resembles Virginia Tech?"  The answer has always been Georgia.  Always good.  Never great.  That fits our school perfectly.

And now you are starting to notice the trend. % out of 6, last 5 years, last 6 bowl appearances....which is absolutely acceptable if you love mediocrity.  My question is simple...

"Do you want to be good, or do you want to be great?"

-Roy Hatfield, Managing Editor

I'm a fan just like the rest of you. I want to be great. I want a National Championship. I want 9 months of bragging. I want Virginia Tech to be mentioned on Tuesday nights when the "final four" gets named. Beamer took us here. What is really cool is where we are going.