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The Cupboard Is NOT Bare

The next head coach will have some talent to work with.

Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

Virginia Tech's next football coach will have some plenty of talent to work with and to be honest as long as he doesn't mismanage it the Hokies could be back to their winning ways sooner than many think.

What gets inherited:

1) Bud Foster, assuming that the next HC is someone that Bud wants to work with (Whit knows what he was doing here)

2) Young, offensive talent. Isaiah Ford, Cam Philips, Dwayne Lawson, Bucky Hodges, Travon McMillian and don't forget about Shai McKenzie and Marshawn Williams.

3) Young defensive-line talent. Tim Settle, Trevon Hill, Darius Fullwood and Houshaun Gaines can all be playmakers for the Hokies. They are unproven at the college level, but the upside and coach-ability is there.

4) Defensive youngsters will be a year older. Adonis Alexander, Mook Reynolds, Greg Stroman, Terrell Edmunds, and Tremaine Edmunds will all be back for their sophomore campaigns and the sky is the limit for this group.

5) Top-notch facilities and the fan base. The Hokies have some of the best facilities and best fans in the country, which is why VT is an exciting job-opportunity and like Buzz Williams said "A sleeping Giant." Buzz was referencing the potential of the basketball program, but this football program is on the cusp. We have been down, but I will never consider us out. Hell, we are two overtime loses from have 7 wins and going for our 8th.

Go Hokies