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If Les Miles and Mark Richt Were Available, Who Would YOU Pick?

There have been a lot of Honda Civics mentioned for coaches. What would Virginia Tech do if there were some Lambos on the lot?

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Both of the S.E.C. legends are still employed (for now).  There are logistical nightmares any administration would probably run from.  But what if?  What if two high profile S.E.C. coaches were suddenly unemployed and looking for work?  Does Virginia Tech have enough cache and cash to make either option a reality?  Looking at Les Miles from L.S.U. and Mark Richt from Georgia, I wonder if Whit has the stones.  Both have shown a penchant for winning in the premier conference in all of college football.  The first question that pops to mind is cash.  There are whispers that Miles' buyout is upwards of 18 MILLION bucks.  Richt is way, way lower on the payscale, but might have more support in the department at time of publish.

It is very simple to those in S.E.C. country. Win national championships, or go home. It would seem that either of the coaches would benefit for a more relaxed atmosphere. Virginia Tech fans at this point would be joyous going to the Belk Bowl. Can you imagine a Georgia fanbase, or an L.S.U. fanbase getting pumped for heading to Charlotte(in winter) to watch a matchup of .500 teams? That is absolutely laughable. Virginia Tech offers a patient fanbase, competitive facilities, and a strong tradition. If either Miles or Richt is available, it takes at the very least a strong look. We have outlined that the Virginia Tech job is sexy. The real question is: do we have the funds to secure one of the absolute best two coaches in the country.