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Justin Fuente Speculation In Tweets

Rob Foldy/Getty Images

News reports are crawling in from the four corners of the country.  Every armchair quarterback and half-baked pundit with a twitter account have weighed in on Virginia Tech's future.  Just to recap, here are names Gobbler Country was told was a "done deal".

-Rich "RichRod" Rodriguez

-Justin Fuente

-Tom Herman

-Dan Mullen

-Chad Morris

-Matt Rhule

That being said, the Fuente story seems to be pretty smokey.  You all know that "where there is smoke" adage, but this one in particular seems smokier than Memphis In May.

Pat Forde is akin to Jay Glazer for CFB, so it demands attention.

Wow. Pretty strong stuff there!

Now we are talking about actually wagering house payments. You had my curiosity, now you have my interest.

That is a whole heck alot of a non-denial denial, if that makes sense. If you My money (not necessarily a house payment) is on Justin Fuente with Bud Foster still heading the defense.