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Happy Thanksgiving From The Gobbler Country Team

Here At Gobbler Country, We Wish You And Yours A Safe Holiday

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Here at Gobbler Country, we take all things turkey very seriously.  Thanksgiving is a perfect day to share great memories and make new ones.  We would like to give thanks for some special things:

1. We are thankful for our readers who make this site fantastic.

2. We are thankful we get to cover the greatest university in the country.

3. We are thankful for the student athletes and the efforts we get to witness.

4. We are thankful for the coaches (in all sports) who are molding great people.

5. We are thankful for creating relationships with great Hokies.

Enjoy the day folks, and thanks from John, Josh, Joe, Jay, Matt, C.J., Chelsea, David, Jawhar, and myself!

Roy Hatfield

Managing Editor

Gobbler Country