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VT @ UVA Gobbler Country Staff Picks

Frank Beamer's Last REGULAR Season Game

Michael Shroyer/Getty Images

David Kistler(9-2)

The Hokies will win. The Hokies will win. The Hokies will win. The Hokies will win. The game will be uuggllyy, but I expect VT to show up and play fairly well. However, I also expect Virginia to step up as this is one of their best shots at reclaiming the Commonwealth Cup. VT wins, 27-17.

John Schneider(8-3)

There are few weekends when I don't feel confident one way or the other as to how things will turn out.  I did violate my rule of head over heart once this season and was disappointed in the result, but how do you "objectively" predict this game if you are a Hokie?  I haven't figured that one out yet.  From 1977 until 1980 I witnessed a tie, two losses, and a blow out win (with my best friend from high school and his roommate down from Hooville).  Needless to say the long walk back to Foxridge was really easy that day.  The Hokies players and coaches have their work cut out for them.  We are the better team, but only marginally so.  Virginia has a lot to play for or not, depending on the emotion level in their locker room.  They are missing one of their best linebackers, and this morning their star receiver has been listed as questionable.  We have everyone healthy, and Dadi's benching for the first half shouldn't be to negative an impact since there is good depth on the D line.  This won't be a shoot out, but it could be an exciting game (maybe too exciting).  I see it as a one and a half score deal with the Hokies on top 30-20.

Joshua Schneider(7-4)

This has all the hallmarks of an emotional low-scoring slugfest to end a season. I have a hard time imagining that the team would send Frank out on losing the Commonwealth Cup, missing a bowl game, and just overall heading off into the sunset on such a bitter note. UVA stands a chance at beating us (especially if we spend half the game beating our brains in offensively), but I have to, HAVE TO believe that somehow the Hokies pull this one off. Tech 24-17.

Jay Johnson(6-5)

This is the third time in four years that the Hokies have needed to beat UVA to keep the bowl streak alive.  Virginia is coming off a solid offensive performance that lifted them to a home win over Duke.  The emotion that I expected from VT after Beamer's retirement announcement showed up last week.  The Hokies played their most complete game, and more importantly, their most sustained game.  Yes, they fell short, but UNC is a much better football team and VT took them into OT.  VPI must show up with the same intensity they had last week.  This game against the Cavaliers simply scares me.  For the last decade the Hokies have dominated UVA.  This year the teams are extremely comparable, more so than any Hokie fan would like to admit.  The Cavaliers have only been truly blown out once, against Boise State.  They've hung with teams that are better than them.  UCLA, Notre Dame, and UNC are all top tier teams in the FBS and UVA made each team earn their wins over the Cavs.  Notre Dame is one insane play from leaving Charlottesville with a loss, and being outside the CFB Playoff discussion.  This is the best chance, in the last eleven years, that UVA has to close VT's season with a meaningful loss.  BUT, I do not think they will.  Not this year Virginia.  This year you get punched in the mouth, again, and can continue to thump your chests about your baseball/basketball programs.  Hokies win a bitter game 28-20.

Chelsea Lindner(6-5)

I expect to see the same intense emotions in this game that we did last week especially it being Beamer's last game and it being a bitter rivalry game. It won't be an easy win but if we can make key plays like we did last week, I think VT will take it, 28-21.

Matt Costello(6-5)

Hokies pull it out for Beamer, 24-13.

CJ Rooks(6-5)

Virginia Tech put all its effort and emotion into last weeks game against UNC. Unfortunately I don't think they have anything left in the tank. Virginia wins 27-20.

Joe Roy-Stewart(5-6)

This is the final regular season game for Frank Beamer.  I think that most of us were surprised and impressed with how well the Hokies played against a very good UNC squad and think if they play anywhere near that level on Saturday against UVA, then there will be one more game for Frank.  31-17 VT.

Roy Hatfield(5-6)

Virginia is very similar to Virginia Tech. The are wonderfully consistent and being inconsistent.  Is this the same team that pushed Notre Dame to the brink?  Me thinks not. Hokies 24-17, but it comes down to the last series.

There you have it Hokies.  What will the score be in your opinion?