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Fuente Emerges as Whit Babcock's Choice

Harry How/Getty Images

We have been down to the promised land.  We have met all the candidates.  We have discussed and postulated.  At the end of the day it was simply Whit's decision.  He chose Justin James Fuente.  Fuente played QB at Murray State.  That school might ring a bell for the Hokie Nation.  Frank Beamer earned his coaching stripes at Murray State, and now Fuente will try and bring that same energy and winning to Virginia Tech.  The Virginia Tech job was universally lauded as one of the best, and now Fuente has his turn at the helm.  The entire Virginia Tech Nation welcomes Justin and his family to Blacksburg.  Fuente brings a winning tradition of his own, guiding Memphis to 24-21 career mark at a school not exactly known for football.  The task at hand for Fuente is difficult.  He is the guy that replaces the guy.  No one wants to open for U2, and Fuente is the opening act.

The big question is what to do with Bud Foster.  There is no better defensive coordinator in all of CFB (IMHO).

The benefits to the announcement are simple.  Fuente has plenty of stars in the cars.  He has plenty of talent to put a winning product on the field immediately.  The garage is loaded.  He can choose which automobile to put in drive.  The future is bright, Hokies!