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Pep Hamilton Is Officially In Play

One of the biggest arguments against Hamilton has been prying him from the Colts. Now that the O.C. with pedigree is available, does that change Babcock's strategy?

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

This evening, the Indianapolis Colts decided they could live without Pep Hamilton.  The reasons why he was let go are of no concern to Hokie fans.  The real story is that he is now officially available.

At we profiled Pep and what he would bring to Blacksburg.  Gobbler Country's own Jay Johnson profiled Hamilton as a potential successor here. Keep in mind that when we went out for a new offensive coordinator, Pep was on the short list.

The fit seemed perfect for Tech. Big, physical running game. Pro-style, passing game that utilized tight ends and backs out of the backfield. I had huge hopes that we landed Hamilton, and we got "Lefty". The biggest problem with Hamilton is that he has never worn the "hat". Word on the street is that Babcock wants a proven commodity, and Hamilton doesn't have it. This should be a pretty interesting 6 weeks in Blacksburg.