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Mike London: A Candid Goodbye.

Mike London resigned as head football coach of the University of Virginia following a Sunday morning meeting with his athletic director.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Mike London has resigned after a sub-par six seasons with the Virginia Cavaliers. Over that timespan London's Hoos went 27-46 with only one winning season coming in 2011.

London, like all Cavalier coaches, was not a big fan among Hokie Nation, but I saw London a little bit different. He was a development guy that poured his soul into his program. Where London fell short was his in-game coaching ability. He made too many mistakes during the game, whether it was the wrong play for the down and distance or a mismanaged play clock. On the recruiting trail, London was very productive and was good at selling his vision for Virginia Football.

Moving forward the Cavaliers will look to hire a coach that can put the pieces together and produce on the field. Virginia is not far away from being a bowl-contender year in and year out, but the next coach will need to have some perspective. Virginia is not a bad job and Charlottesville has lots to offer from location to being home to a first-class university. The biggest hurdle is getting the fan base invested in football the same way they support not revenue sports and basketball. This challenge will be overcome by winning and bringing a system to Virginia Football that is consistent. In my opinion the Cavaliers will be well off if they find a proven coach that plays consistently, recruits consistently and manages the game. I look for Al Golden or Matt Rhule to be at the top of the list because of their experience and consistency. Neither will play a flashy brand of football, which is why Golden was ousted in Miami (too much pressure to win 10 games a year in Coral Gables).

With Virginia Tech locking up Justin Fuente from Memphis and retaining Bud Foster I look for the Hokies to continue their winning ways against the Cavaliers in the future. Let's make it 13 straight!

Go Hokies!