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A.P. Top 25 (No, We Still Aren't In It)

Look at the possible Beamer replacements on this list!

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports
AP Coaches
1 Clemson (31) Ohio State (34)
2 Ohio State (26) Clemson (21)
3 Alabama (2) Baylor (5)
4 Baylor (2) Alabama (3)
5 Oklahoma State Oklahoma State
6 Notre Dame Notre Dame
7 Stanford Stanford
8 Iowa Iowa
10 Utah Florida
11 Florida Oklahoma
12 Oklahoma TCU
13 TCU Utah
14 Michigan State Michigan State
15 Michigan Michigan
16 Houston Houston
17 North Carolina North Carolina
18 UCLA Florida State (T-18)
19 Florida State UCLA (T-18)
20 Mississippi State Mississippi State
21 Temple Temple
22 Navy Wisconsin
23 Wisconsin Navy
24 Northwestern Northwestern
25 Memphis Memphis

It appears that it is up to Clemson to rep the A.C.C.. The big win from 'Bama this weekend might knock the Tigers from the top spot in the Playoff Committee, but Dabo has things going the right way.  Fuente still has Memphis in the mix, and Temple continues to impress.  Again, we are looking at the poll through the lens of future coaches for Tech.