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QB Duel 2016 Heating Up: Jérod Evans commits to the Hokies

The QB competition this Spring and Fall just added another entrant. Time to introduce JUCO quarterback Jérod Evans.

Looks like Dwayne has some more competition...
Looks like Dwayne has some more competition...
Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Well, the Hokies aren't normally known as a team that accepts JUCO- or other college- transfers, but we've had a couple. Of course we can start with Michael Brewer from Texas Tech, Wade Hansen from Renssalear, and more than a couple from Prep schools such as Fork Union, but this time? We're going the pure JUCO route. Welcome to Blacksburg Mr. Jérod Evans, 247 4-star JUCO QB from Mansfield, Texas via Trinity Valley Community College (Athens, Texas). Evans is coming off a visit from Missouri, and holds offers from California, UAB, and UCF, per 247. He's the 8th ranked JUCO prospect in the US, and he's someone that Coach Fuente's been pestering since he was at Memphis. Now that Fuente has the cache, he went after Evans (and, interestingly, his younger brother Caleb, also a quarterback, who might also commit at some point) to join the competition here in Blacksburg. Jérod's story is interesting, he formerly had committed to Air Force but tore his ACL and transferred out, and has been the quarterback of TVCC for a couple years. He has 2 years of eligibility remaining.

Jérod Evans (Mansfield, TX. 225lbs, 6'-4", Dual-Threat Quarterback)

Evans has what I call a very overhand delivery. It's a bit of a long release and the ball doesn't cook coming out of his hands, but it's very catchable and accurate. He's also shifty and has some impressive moves in the field. He's not afraid to run, but he IS a solid passer, which is a big thing that ‘dual threat' quarterbacks often lack- an actual PASSING threat. He's obviously a large man that's hard to take down on the run. I like that he actually adjusts his eyes and his vision, and seems to actually go through progressions passing. His season stats are fairly impressive: 62.4% completion percentage (179-287), 3,164 yards, 38 touchdowns, 3 interceptions, 0 sacks. 414 rushing yards, 4 touchdowns. I'll take that, thank you.

This does, however, muddy the waters. We didn't have any sure things for quarterback next year and it will be a real derby to see who's coming in and who will win the job. So far it's Lawson, Motley, Jackson (assuming he still comes) and now Evans competing for one job. Motley might be the odd man out due to age and eligibility (he only has 1 year left), but the issue is that bringing in Evans might send Lawson or Jackson packing in a run for playing time. Stay tuned, folks, there seems to be more news to come...