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Virginia Tech Hokie Weekend Basketball Update: Clarke and Eddie

Football Season is in the books. Time to catch up on the goings on with what happened in Hokie basketball land over the holiday weekend. The core of the season is about to start, time to get serious about roundball.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

While most of Hokie world had their eyes on Tech's 55-52 wild showdown against Tulsa, there was some new news on the basketball front (unfortunately, not all of it was good):

The Hokies basketball team suffered a huge loss over the weekend. Chris Clarke was diagnosed with a fracture in his right foot, and there is no set timetable for his return. Clarke, a 4-star recruit, was impressing coaches and fans with his play this season, showing promise as a slasher and a defender. In addition, his 10.5 PPG ranked fourth on the team, and he is second to only Zach LeDay with 7.4 RPG.

In other news, former Hokie Jarrell Eddie made his Washington Wizards’ debut over the weekend. Eddie was Virginia Tech’s leading scorer for the 2013 and was the second leading scorer in 2012. The 24 year old wing recorded 12 points and 4 boards in the Wizards’ victory over the Nets, just three days after being signed. With both Bradley Beal and Otto Porter Jr. both missing time due to injury, the Wizards have depth issues in the midst of a somewhat disappointing season. However, that gives Eddie a chance to make an impact and hopefully stick with the team throughout the regular season.

Hokies' basketball returns to action for their final pre-ACC game against #19 West Virginia on Wednesday.