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Fashion Police, Where Art Thou?

We Will Never be Oregon, So Please Stop.

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I guess I am just getting too old.  I like my music from the 90's.  I like my traditions.  To say that I am a creature of habit would be an understatement.  On my daily commute, Pearl Jam or Sublime will be playing.  Is it a simple coping mechanism to recapture a pleasant memory of a better time?  It probably is, but newer is not always better. If you disagree with that, buy me a New Coke and we can discuss it.  Before you start calling me a bitter old man lets put this in terms of the product on the field.

It used to be kind of a special deal for Virginia Tech to change the uniforms.   Alternate uniforms could motivate the fan base.  It could also motivate the players.  It was special.  It was the team and staff's decision to show the fans that THIS was a big game.  It it so big, in fact, that we decided to wear the home jerseys and the away pants.  We are showing you the gravity of the situation.  We reached deep, deep into the equipment room to find orange pants from the 70's.  We bought those at Tampa Bay's yard sale F.Y.I.  The subtle tweaks became a national plague.  "Black Out" games.  Special edition, one off games.  Stop it right now. The only team in the collegiate universe that can put 13 new uniform combos in any given season is Oregon.

You are the kings when your school colors are green and yellow, then you wear white and grey. That's only half the battle. Virginia Tech could wear white and grey all day. the only problem with that scenario is that when people tuned in, they check the onscreen guide to make sure they are on the right channel. Oregon can pull it of because their chief booster owns a little company you may have heard of: Nike. I guess the marketers can sell more unique jerseys if the team wears them. Some of the worst examples of the what I like to call "off the reservation" uniforms include:
I am a huge fan of the U.S.A., but what is that? It was for the Wounded Warrior Project, which is awesome, but not a good look.
Georgia was playing a huge game against Alabama and busted out these non standard unis. The fans wore all black. The coaches wore all black. After the game, the only thing in the black was Nick Saban's checkbook as he cashed another huge win.

Do not get me started on the text messages I received from my "friends" for this abomination. My L.S.U. buddy, who follows the Hokies as a courtesy, hit me with "What are ya'll wearin'?" I hadn't been watching and was embarrassed. The turkey tracks, the limestone, the varying degrees of camo needs to stop. How about we spend a little less time on uniform selection and focus in on winning. Corey Moore never had a limestone helmet. Lee Suggs never was untouchable wearing a black jersey. Focus on what matters.

Recruit players who aren't concerned with what they wear on Saturdays, but what they will be wearing on Sundays

. Don't be Oregon, Virginia Tech. Be Virginia Tech. Chicago maroon is a good look. Burnt Orange is also awesome. Phil Knight didn't graduate from V.P.I. & S.U.. Play football and people will buy your jerseys. Win big football games, and more will buy that product. Even though the flat black scheme against Boise State was tremendous, you can't keep going back to the well. We can't come up with the Big Mac and "invent" the Biggest Mac. That role has been filled. Oregon has earned that right. They had the foresight and backing to roll out the directive. The Hokies need to stop being a replicator, and try and be an innovator. Get rid of the distractions and focus on what got us national acclaim. Simply win.