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Zohn Burden Joins Virginia Tech

Zohn Burden, former ODU Passing Coordinator, has joined Frank Beamer's Staff.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

As we alluded to several weeks ago, Zohn Burden has become the new Wide Receiver's coach at Virginia Tech. It is not clear when Zohn officially accepted the offer, but we assume Frank and VT wanted to give him plenty of time to transition from his previous institution since Signing Day was coming up soon.

As the tweet above indicates, Zohn brings a wealth of experience and hands-on knowledge to the coaching position. He also has many of the intangibles it takes to succeed as a college coach today such as hard work, social presence, versatility and approachability.

I am a fan of this hire for those very reasons. Zohn has a knack for connecting with young athletes on the recruiting trail and also has the ability to develop them as players. This past recruiting cycle for ODU he was the primary recruiter on 11 commitments according to 247Sports. Those sort of commitment numbers are ridiculous at any level of football and show he is more than capable of recruiting well. Now, many people will say that ODU is the reason he has those numbers and that those players are not "high-quality", but I think his abilities will transition nicely to VT, especially since he has ties to the Tidewater area of Virginia and comes from a program thats offense has consistently performed very well.

Also, Frank reportedly wanted the candidates for this job to meet the current players and for the players to give feedback. Having a player's coach is crucial at any level of sports, but especially for positions coaches because 95% of his job is working with players, so this tells me the coaches and players liked Zohn and thought he was a good fit.

Go Hokies!