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Dollars and Sense

An inside look at what A.C.C. assistant coaches made last season

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

"New car, caviar, four star daydream

Think I'll buy me a football team"

-Pink Floyd, "Money"

Bud Foster made $1,369,500 last season.  Overall the Hokies' assistants pulled down $3,583,250.  That's more than a decent chunk of change.  Many would argue, myself included, that Bud was underpaid.  Around Christmas time last year, USA Today released a database that revealed what most colleges were paying their coaching staffs. Schools that were exempt in reporting included private schools (Miami) and schools whose simply didn't want that information known.  Other schools left off were schools with new coaches.  Eight A.C.C. schools posted information.  It was, at the very least, interesting.  Before you start the overpaid campaign against Bud Foster remember this:

Most of Bud's money came from retention and longevity bonuses. I will you dare you to find any investment with the return of a Bud Foster defense. In base salary, Bud made $81,357 per win. Clemson paid Chad Morris $1,300,00 last season to be its offensive coordinator. S.M.U. like what it saw and made Morris its new head coach in November. Morris was paid $130,00 per win in Clemson, who posted a 10 win campaign.

Louisville is extremely happy with Todd Grantham. Like Bud Foster, Grantham is a defensive coordinator with no shortage of suitors. He netted $975,000 in 2014 with Louisville. At $108,333 per win, they thought it best to give him a raise. The Oakland Raiders wanted him to join the silver and black attack, only to be spurned. Louisville rewarded his loyalty with a four year deal that could pay as much as $1,400,000 annually.     U.V.A. was on the hook with Tom O'Brien for $751,500. Much like Foster's deal, O'Brien netted a $300,000 longevity payout. Taking his actual annual to $451,500, O'Brien still managed to cash $90,300 per Cavalier win. Georgia Tech had an absolute monster season. Their defensive coordinator, Ted Roof, made a cool $622,000 last year. With 11 wins, he looks like an absolute steal at only $56,545 per victory.

In Raleigh, Matt Canada was the top paid assistant at $500,000. On the back of an 8-5 season, the Wolfpack had no problem giving him $62,500 per win. They also signed him to a three year extension with a substantial pay bump. The kings of the A.C.C., Florida State likes to be fair and balanced. They have the core of their staff making $500,000 apiece. Charles Kelly, Rick Trickett, and Randy Sanders all took home a half a million on a 13-1 campaign. The $38,461 per victory per win price tag might look cheap, but for Jimbo to keep the band together, it's only going to get higher.

The lowest paid of the reporting school assistants was Gunter Brewer of North Carolina. he is co-offensive coordinator and receivers' coach. He pulled down a cool $250,00 in 2014 and cashed $41,667 per "W." Now obviously using the formula of salary/wins makes for some interesting conclusions.

Many fans saw the raw data of what Foster made and were shocked. Digging a little deeper and looking around the conference, I think we have the best value of all. Loyalty, success, and passion still matter at one school. Virginia Tech. We have rewarded all three characteristics well. We recently signed Foster to an extension that will hopefully show him how much his effort has meant to us as a program. In the age of hire and fire it's great to have known factors. We know what we get, a proven leader with a winning track record. That beats throwing money for nothing anyday.