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Signing Day Update

Virginia Tech has signed 16 players today, not including the 7 players already enrolled.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Virginia Tech has signed 16 played so far on National Signing Day with several more expected this afternoon. Here is the breakdown by position so far:

QB: Dwayne Lawson from Tampa, Florida.

RB: Deshawn McClease from Chesapeake, Virginia; Coleman Fox from Salem, Virginia.

WR/TE: Chris Cunningham from Jacksonville, Florida; Xavier Burke from Lawrenceville, Virginia

O-line: Zach Hoyt from Salem, Virginia; Mike Arnold from Winter Haven, Florida; D'Andre Plantin from Norcross, Georgia; Austin Clark from Lexington, Virginia; Tyrell Smith from North Brunswick, New Jersey.

D-line: Tim Settle from Manassas, Virginia; Darius Fullwood from College Park, Maryland; Harry Lewis from Hampton, Virginia; Eric Whitehead, Jr. from Indianapolis, Indiana; Houshun Gaines from Rocky Mount, North Carolina; Yosuah Nijman from Maplewood, New Jersey.

LB: Tremaine Edmunds from Ringgold, Virginia; Carson Lydon from Tarpon Springs, Florida.

DB: DuWayne Johnson from Washington, D.C; Jahque Alleyne from Virginia Beach, Virginia; Adonis Williamson from Indianapolis, Indiana; Adonis Alexander from Charlotte, North Carolina; Mook Reynolds from Greensboro, North Carolina.

Several more letters are expected in this afternoon for the Hokies, so stay tuned to GobblerCountry for extended analysis once all of the 2015 class is signed.

Go Hokies!