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Calling All Hokies

Who Would You Want to See Return?

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With the hiring of Max Warner as a "Quality Control Coach", it seems there are openings in Blacksburg.  This is exciting news, Tech fans.  The coffers have been opened.  Virginia Tech is now in business.  That being said, I would love to see some former Hokies included in the process.  If we can hire someone from the outside, how about someone from the inside?  Graduate Assistants are very doable.  Paid advisors are also in the mix. Ask Nick Saban.

To be fair, Rob Ezell spent two years as a graduate assistant at Colorado State. Yes, he does an incredible Saban, but he also recruits. Check out his ode to St. Nick: So if we were given the keys to the kingdom, who would we hire. Certainly recruiting would be first and foremost. Secondly, a locker room guy would be a must. Someone who would garner respect of the new talent would be paramount. Its easy to turn off noise, but when that voice carries weight, the message lands home.

Well, my defensive "Quality Control Coach" certainly has the hardware. If we ever got Corey back, he might have to rent a spot at Quick Storage in Dublin on his way in to town to store all his awards. This guy built the "Terrordome", and I would love to see a defensive player running off the field to explain his mistake to Corey. The trademark wide-eyes, the intensity, would be must see T.V.. This guy was as important to the 1999 team as Michael Vick, and had the identity we need on defense. He's out of the N.F.L., and at last glance is a student advisor in Michigan, expanding his education. Bottom line, he's available. Bring him home Bud. On the offensive side of the ball, it was an embarrassment of riches. Running backs have had a tremendous legacy at Tech. Ken Oxendine, Kevin Jones, Lee Suggs, Mike Imoh, the names seem endless. We have had several quality quarterbacks not named Michael Vick. Receivers like Antonio Freeman came to mind. This brand of Hokies knew how to win. They had toughness and identity. They made plays and celebrated on the sidelines.

Andre Davis is everything we need. He has won big games. He has been pure class on and off the field in the Big East, and the N.F.L.. He has the personality and gravitas to talk to kids so they listen. He is a humble champion. Teaching is the biggest part of coaching, and Andre could teach these boys how to become men with character. When we spoke earlier this year, Andre mentioned a lack of identity. As a special teams ace, he helped build what was "Beamer Ball". That is our identity.

Obviously there is money available. Why not bring in some of the men that built this program in the first place. Pay them to mentor kids. Pay them to show kids what it takes to be a special player, and a special man. All of the recruits may not remember watching Corey Moore and Andre Davis, but they see signs of them all over the trophy case. These guys built Virginia Tech football with their blood. They may not have a built in four star recruit, but neither did Frank Beamer.

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