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Trevon Hill Suffers Torn A.C.L.

Cornerstone of Tech Recruiting Class Goes Down

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Trevon Hill's season could quite possibly be over before it began.  Virginia Tech's highly lauded DE out of Salem, VA (Virginia Beach) has torn his A.C.L..  Hill was listed on some forecaster's depth charts on the first page.  Truth be told, there is too much football to be played to determine the impact of Hill's injury.  Spring football just arrived, and there is much work to be done.  What is known is that Hill was one of the blue chip recruits of this recruiting class.  Hill was listed as the 15th best prospect in the state according to 24/'s composite rankings.  Hopefully this is not a trend, as the Hokies had enough injuries last year for everyone's good.  Hill was working out when the unexplainable happened.

"The doctor said my ACL is torn from my meniscus," Hill told 247Sports. "I was doing box jumps working on explosion. On my last set, I came down and I felt my knee shift out and back in."

Luckily the Hokies are pretty stoudt on the D-Line, but one cannot have enough depth or talent. It would have been interesting to see Hill in pure pass rush situational downs for the Hokies this fall. The immediate impact on depth will be the biggest obstacle. It would be awesome to see Dadi Nicholas running off the field slapping in a young Hill to absolutely pin his ears back and rush the passer. The local beat writers were also disappointed in the news of the injury.

In case you had forgotten what made the Hokies chase this guy, I have included some of his high school highlights.

While the Hokie nation maybe disappointed, its up to the program to deliver. The next man up philosophy has to be in place. There has to be that next kid on the depth chart that gets Trevon's reps this spring. There are 25 weeks until the Buckeyes come to town. We need to be ready, because one thing is for certain: Ohio State is coming to exact revenge on the Hokies.