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A Tale of Two Programs

Ohio State and Virginia Tech Prepare For 2015

Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

National signing day has come and gone.  Spring football is here, and we are seeing some of the promised talent the recruiters have brought to Virginia Tech.  We are seeing some of the talent return that produced 7 wins last season.  The hyperbole that accompanies spring football is deafening.  This player is "special".  That player is  a "difference maker".  We are "loaded".  I thought this was a perfect time to raise some questions.  This is how Ohio State gets ready for spring football:

Here is an example of how Virginia Tech opens up spring camp:

The next time you want to believe that this game will be close, refresh this article. The next time Tech signs another 3* out of Roosterpoot, Virginia, see this. While we are confidently loading the boat with maybe, possibly, and hopefully, Ohio State is already looking at 2016.

We've had some solid commits, but this speaks to a war machine gearing up. Urban Meyer knows a thing or two about beating Alabama. Meyer has serious competition coming with Michigan and Jim Harbaugh. Virginia Tech is literally a bug on the windshield. Here is a guy that took the S.E.C. by storm, and to think that "Enter Sandman" is going to change his focus or determination is absurd. Here we sit with huge question marks at QB. This guy's THIRD STRING QB beat 'Bama and Oregon to win the title. Most Hokie fans can't tell you who the third string option at quarterback is in Blacksburg. Our only, and frankly, best hope is for these young guys to play mad.

We will not beat Ohio State. It's the classic case of a knife in a gun fight. That doesn't mean that we will have a bad season. It just means we can't beat one of the two Lombardi type coaches in the nation, and that's O.K.. We don't have to beat Ohio State to win the A.C.C.. We can still go to the Gator Bowl losing to the Buckeyes. We can still go 9-4. The bigger question is, "Is that good enough?". Beamer won't beat Urban, but neither will we. It's up to Whit Babcock to decide if he is happy with better, but not best. We are on the back nine of the Frank Beamer era, hell maybe hole 17. Hopefully, Frank has one more birdie left in him.

Let us know what you think about the state of VT football...

Go Hokies!