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All Eggs in the Lawson Basket?

The Hiring of Lawson's High School Coach Sends a Message

Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images

When Virginia Tech signed consensus four star quarterback, Dwayne Lawson, the Hokie Nation was ecstatic.  After last season's performance, many Hokies considered the QB as a position of need.  The coaches and recruiting staff at Virginia Tech delivered, signing Lawson.  It was a great out of state pickup. It was a homerun.  On February 3, almost a month after national signing day another announcement was made.  Virginia Tech hired Max Warner as a "Offensive Quality Control" coach.  Who is Max Warner?  He was the offensive coordinator and QB coach of one Dwayne Lawson in Tampa, Florida.  He won't be allowed to recruit off campus.  He will report directly to Scot Loeffler, and help Lawson adjust to life in Blacksburg.

Is this the new world order? Is this the new price of doing business with big name recruits on a national level? The internet took notice quickly.

After covering the program, I am sure of two things: Frank Beamer is smarter than me and the coaching staff wants to win very badly. That being said, I am a little confused about this hire. Did we hire Corey Moore's brother to run concessions at Lane? Did we hire Tyrod Taylor's high school coach as a system analyst? You kind of get the idea here. It's a very slippery slope. Don't get me wrong, Lawson hopefully will be the future of the program. I am currently his biggest fan. What scares me is the precedent. Next year what are we are offering? Hey, commit to Virginia Tech and you can bring your math tutor. What is even scarier to me is the following: Your offensive coordinator has his entire career based on one signing. Loeffler reportedly was at the football offices pre-dawn to ensure no equipment gremlins were present. The fax machine was inspected, re-inspected and then he waited. This was his faith in his system. Michael Brewer cannot run the offense. That's what I read between the lines.

Loeffler was fired at Auburn. He produced one of the worst college football offenses I have had the "privilege" to witness. After last years' debacle, he is on the thinnest of ices. Either Dwayne Lawson is Michael Vick reborn, or this guy is completely grasping at straws. One rule of business I never forget is:

"Never mortgage your future to pay for your present."