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Are Rumors Just Rumors?

Rumor Mill Puts Rodriguez In Blacksburg

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The rumor mill is running at full production.  There are conspiracy theorists firmly placing former West Virginia coach Rich Rodriguez as Frank Beamer's replacement.  A recent article, published elsewhere, speculated that it was destiny that Rodriguez lands in Blacksburg.  The website touts itself as a non-partisan member of the media, with its primary focus on W.V.U. athletics.  The article has garnered the attention of the Hokie Nation, as it proposes the curtain call of Beamer.  Curtain call or not, Frank Beamer's exit should be ours.  The easy play is to call for his head, and explain why.  When there are connections to coaches and athletic directors, the story gains traction.  You add two easy components and the story becomes this:

Ask yourself. Are we ready to hand the keys of the program to this guy? What do we do with Bud Foster? Are we the type of program that makes a statement hire rather than the "right" hire? I'm going to blow your minds. How about we stop wondering or worrying about that the decisions that none of us can control. Unless Whit Babcock himself is reading this (And judging by my numbers, he's not), stop. Take a breathe, and look at it realistically. This hire will define Babcock's tenure at VT. This hire is the most significant change in 20 years for the program. This hire will define who we are in the next 5-10 years as a football presence in the ACC. So Whit Babcock, who in a lifetime of work has met, shook hands, golfed, drank, traveled, and met with probably every big name in college football, has leaked to a website that RichRod is the next man up? Remember this....

Don't get caught up in the rumor mill. Frank is on the back nine. We get it. I could write you 100 articles proclaiming Virginia Tech's next coach. I could give you inside information on why Jim Tressel will be putting the headset on. I could tell you Nick Saban will be our next coach because Beamer helped him with the special teams at a camp in Alabama. Hell, why we're at it lets put Lane Kiffin on the map, with his dad as a recruiter. Watch and see if this goes viral next:

The article in question was written with the best of intentions. The goal of any author is to improve readership. The problem with this scenario, is something doesn't quite add up. Too many unnamed sources are a bad thing, and with this piece it seems like bar chatter. Speculation is easy, facts are not. The quote from the article that left me pulling my hair out, was this:

"Multiple sources have indicated to me that Whit Babcock has already approached current Arizona head coach Rich Rodriguez about replacing Frank Beamer at Virginia Tech. While I was not told directly the two had met there was a strong indication that there had been a  personal meeting in the not-so-distant past."

Who are these sources? If you aren't told directly, then it's hearsay. I will offer only this: I will believe it when I see it. Follow me @roybhatfield