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All You Need To Know For The Draft

No Names Early, Tech Will Be Represented Late

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Don't expect big fireworks that resonate to Blacksburg on Thursday night.  The N.F.L. draft will be held in Chicago, and that's not the only change this year.  Instead of being held in New York, the league  is moving host cities.  Can't blame the N.F.L. at all.  Why not open up the bidding, just like the Super Bowl?  It's easy money.  The other big change this year is that no Hokies will be picked in the first round.  No Hokies will be picked in the second round.  If you are a die hard V.T. fan, save your "request off" days.  There are only three names that will be called by the league, none of which will be called by Roger Goodell.  Is this an indictment of a program, or a general "recession" of N.F.L. talent?  Before we get into the later, let's look at the former:  What Virginia Tech athletes will be drafted?

Kyshoen Jarrett is the closest thing to a "tweener" that the Hokies have available. He could be a second rounder if you squinted and drank another beer. He could absolutely help teams. He could also be simply physically overmatched. If Jarrett has done his part at the combine, he's certainly an interesting get. Chris Landry, draft expert, had this to say about Jarrett:

"Kyshoen Jarrett is a physical ball hawk, but struggles too much in coverage to play deep at the next level.  Backup box safety, special teams ace.  He's a late round possibility."

At the combine, Jarett had some confusing stats. He ran a 4.57 40, but up an impressive 21 reps on the bench. That translates as a physical guy, but has trouble in shifting schemes. Jarrett was recruited from South (East Stroudsburg, PA). He was a 4 star guy, as ranked by 24/7. He's 5'10", which makes for an N.F.L. safety, he just needs to work on his transition speed. Next on the Hokies' draft board watch list is Detrick Bonner. Bonner is known for his blitzing ability, and could emerge in the later rounds. Most experts peg him as a special teamer, who could find a fit with a club.

Bonner has to woo some teams in camp. His combine was less than stellar. At 6'0", he's got size, but is his speed is the big question. In Bud Foster's scheme Bonner played close to the box, and playing deep might be a concern. He hails from Georgia and was a three star rated player from 24/7. He is going to have to make his career in the special teams arena. Last but not least, Laurence Gibson might get his name called. He is from Chatam, Virginia, and has the physical tools to be an N.F.L. player. He was a four star kid out of high school, and made most of his chances at Virginia Tech. He impressed the Texans enough to take a good look.

He is considered "raw" by many of the experts, but you can't coach size. If there ever was an N.F.L. body, this is your guy. He had a 5.04 40, which is good for guys like me. If you're 6'6" 305, then it's not fair. He had a huge 33.5" vertical jump, which tells me and the scouts that this guy is an athlete. He needs to add core strength to make it in the league. This will be an odd draft for sure. I have outline the three best players available on Tech's board. Don't sleep on Caleb Farris getting an invite to camp, but that's about it. The days of the first rounders might be behind us for now. Who do you think will be picked next season from Virginia Tech? As always follow me @roybhatfield, like and share on Facebook!