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Why The Hokies Need U.V.A. More Than Ever

Every Luke Skywalker Needs Darth Vader. 'Hoo Are We Fighting?

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Recently, I penned an article detailing a decade of dominance over the Virginia Cavaliers.  The response was typical.  I got a few twitter trolls rumbling, had a few folks email me not safe for print comments.  I enjoyed the heck out of that.  That response showed me two things: Cavalier fans do exist, and their snippy comebacks are well punctuated.  With recent developments in Charlottesville, I decided to look around and see what the rivalry has brought to Virginia Tech.  I used the past tense to describe the rivalry because I think the rivalry is no more.  A rivalry implies competition and close fought ball games.  Let's face it, the last two years have given the Cavalier Nation more than enough opportunity to stake claim as state champs.  We (Virginia Tech) are down.  The Cavaliers were supposed to be trending up.  It was gift wrapped.  Funny thing is, they still couldn't beat us.  They should have.

"Last time I checked, beating Duke in football was no reason to party like it's 1999."

Al Groh and company never could figure out how to beat us. Enter Mike London, with typical U.V.A. pomp and circumstance. He was branded, fairly or not, the "Beamer Beater." He was going to get it done by golly! He came close. But he couldn't win the state of Virginia. He couldn't finish off a tired, veteran fighter up against the ropes. Not to mention, it appears he is losing control of the ship.

Something smells in Charlottesville, and it's not the brie. I danced on the grave of U.V.A. football just like the next guy, and then I realized something. U.V.A. for nothing else kept us honest. It's similar to the major parties running a guy who you know won't win, but hopes to steal enough votes from the frontrunner to pull the upset for the second place guy.

"Based purely on wins and losses over the last decade, James Madison is our only in-state rival."

Living where I do, Alabama and Auburn are the best free show on the planet. Auburn was desolate after 'Bama hired Nick Saban. Then Auburn hired Gene Chizik. Then the Auburn Nation collectively groaned. Chizik won a national title. Saban won a national title, everyone was jazzed. Eventually Auburn noticed that Gene Chizik was coaching the team, and Gene was dumped. The real star power in that championship season was Cam Newton guided by Gus Malzahn. So what did Auburn do after Chizik was let go? They hired Malzahn. It is simply keeping up with the Joneses. Virginia is not holding up its end of the deal. Complacency is a virus and Virginia Tech is fat and happy. We need a challenge. It forces our hand. It makes us sharper in recruiting and personnel decisions.

Dumpster fire? That's not good. What Virginia Tech needs is for the Wahoos to hire a big time name. Somebody, anybody. It has to have recognition. It has to have national cache'. Certainly the big time U.V.A. boosters have to exhibit some type of sway....."Honey, can you grab me another bottle of merlot and find out if Terry Bowden still wants to coach?" Not to use any catchphrases from the mothership but, "Come on, man." We need Wahoo Nation to put a quality product on the field. I will never ask that you beat us, but could you at the very least put forth that old college try you all keep telling us about.