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State Champs

11 Years Of Dominance Against Thomas Jefferson's University

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Eleven years is a mighty long time.  Think back in your own life.  Maybe you got married.  Maybe you had kids.  Maybe you were entering kindergarten.  You were beginning your career in academia with fear and excitement.  You were riding the school bus!  You were meeting your very first teacher.  You were adjusting to a new routine, and the lost concept for many of us, "nap time".   You had milk money, new friends, and a reason to get up so early in the morning.  For the adults, 2004 was a pretty big deal.

Some folks see shows on TBS or other channels and assume the show was always in re-runs. In 2004 this happened:

Since I assume none of you found this article via the internet and was mailed instructions from my mom on how to find it, I give you some dude explaining his new concept. You see, his new fangled approach to social connectivity was spawned in 2004 as well:

Fast forward 8 years later, and our kindergarten kid is now in 7th grade. He is officially in the middle of middle school. First dance. First crush. The hormones are taking over, and boys or girls occupy much more of the mind. Looking forward to high school, only one more year to go, we look at what 2011 brought us. This guy last played meaningful minutes in the N.F.L.:

We were introduced to Tebow time at the N.F.L. level. Only 3 more years to go until our kindergartner is a junior in high school. Learner's permits are on the brain as our kid is becoming more and more adult every day. Prom is coming, hope we get a date! We have watched him enter school as a kindergartner. He is now a junior in high school trying on class rings, maybe looking for that part time job flipping burgers. In the Hokie world, there is simply this:

For the entire lifespan of this particular child, from 2004 to present day, we have never gotten beat by U.V.A.. From Facebook to Tebow, we haven't lost to U.V.A.. Some of the Hokies out there consider it a birthright to beat U.V.A.. Yes, for the past 11 years we have owned them. George Welsh and the rest of the old 'Hoos remember a better time. If you think Frank Beamer underestimates the power of the state championship, I will leave you with this:

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