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David Wilson Still Jumping For His Chance

Wilson Has Lofty Olympic Goals, Injuries Continue To Haunt Him

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

At 196 pounds, David Wilson is probably the biggest triple jumper we've ever seen.  Virginia Tech fans may remember Wilson as the speedy, shifty running back who was the A.C.C. offensive player of the year in 2011.  He holds the school record in rushing yards with 1,709 on 290 attempts.  He averaged more than 5 yards per carry for his career.  The breakout season of 2011 enabled Wilson to be drafted in the first round by the New York Giants.  He managed to set some records for the Giants in 2012, such as the 327 all-purpose yards against the Saints.  This is a team record that stands today.  In 2013 Wilson was diagnosed with spinal stenosis, which is essentially the narrowing of the spinal column.  After trying surgery to remedy the problem, he was advised not to play football anymore.

The competitive desire runs deep with Wilson, and he missed the challenges of competition. Being a state champion triple jumper, this was an easy fit. He was retired as a football player, but the urge to battle was still there.

The Adidas Grand Prix in New York was Wilson's first foray into the world of professional track and field. He had been battling injuries which has hampered his progress. One thing you cant possibly question is his resolve. His ultimate goal is to reach the 2016 Olympics in Rio, but in the short term he needs to qualify for the U.S. Championships. With the injury hampering his efforts, David had this to offer:

And if you were doubting this dude's effort or intention he had this to say:

I wish David well, and hope he can make his Olympic dreams come true. If there ever was a young man playing a bad hand well, he's doing it. He jumps again tomorrow, and I'm sure the Hokie Nation is behind him.

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