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Andrew Ford Bids Farewell to Hokie Football

The predicted quarterback losses are starting. Andrew Ford is leaving for something new, and leaves us with some analytic things to change.

Andrew Ford at the 2015 Spring Game
Andrew Ford at the 2015 Spring Game
Michael Shroyer-USA TODAY Sports

Well, it looks like my Spring series prediction of at least one quarterback departure is true.  Andrew Ford has been released from his scholarship and will travel to other reaches of the football galaxy, though the reports are just not there as to exactly why, or where he’s headed.

The truth is that we had and tend to have too many quarterbacks on the roster who are of similar talent levels, though maybe not skill sets.  Ford and Durkin were definitely different quarterback styles.  This is not a surprising development after the seeing the "underwhelming" quarterback play in the Spring Game.  Sort of confirming Roy’s observation that this team seems to think that if we just throw enough two and three star athletes at any number of positions that something might just stick.

Where does that put the QB depth chart for the fall?  A new look at an update of the Spring Practice grid we get:




Position - Depth





Michael Brewer


QB - 1

6' 0"




Brenden Motley


QB - 2

6' 4"




Chris Durkin


QB - 3

6' 4"




Jack Click


QB - 4

6' 4"




Dwayne Lawson



6' 4"



How fast Lawson moves up the August depth chart is going to be an interesting process.  It wouldn’t surprise me to see someone else decide to find playing opportunities elsewhere before this is over.  Honestly, five QBs on the Depth Chart are two too many without lots of red shirts being handed out.

Again, I expect that Michael Brewer is going to be the starting quarterback for the 2015 campaign.  Young Mr. Ford has just added some interest to the 2-x churn on the roster.  I am a practical football fan, and don’t see "saviors" in team sports as a desirable goal for a winning organization.  Teams that field the best possible players with a system designed to maximize their talents will more than likely be the winners come Bowl Selection time.

I would rather the coaching staff look at that need,  instead of going out looking for more quarterbacks.  This team needs Offensive Linemen, Linebackers and an offensive purpose.  Five QBs is quite enough to churn through for now, specially with Lawson coming this Summer.

Well, good luck to Andrew Ford.  I was hoping that you’d stick around because after Michael Brewer graduates from the program there is going to be a full on open door anyone’s got a chance competition, even with Lawson’s stars flying in the wind.   Now, it’s time for Tech to concentrate on this up coming season, and figuring out how to actually field and use the talent at hand to provide a winning offense for a change.

Go Hokies!!!