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A.C.C. Still King of The Court

While The Hokies Weren't Represented, The Conference Was In A Big Way

Elsa/Getty Images

Draft day in the N.B.A. has come and gone.  The conference best known for its basketball continued to reign supreme, as the A.C.C. had a whopping seven players taken.  Sadly no Hokies shook the hand of the commissioner, but the conference is still showing its teeth.  Buzz Williams added to his recruiting arsenal by proxy.  What better way to advertise your program than to showcase the competition?  "Hey kid, come play for me and you will be playing in the de facto N.B.A.. The best league in the nation. We are the S.E.C. of basketball."

The challenge is up to Buzz and crew. When you talk in football terms, the S.E.C. is spoken in hushed terms with reverence. The "have-nots" use the fact that they play in the premier league as a recruiting tool. Ole Miss, Mississippi State, hell even Vanderbilt use the conference as a tool. "We will put you on national T.V.," and the like. While the Hokies didn't win the conference, or produce an N.B.A. player, the message is clear. If you want to play the best of the best. You play in the A.C.C.. Let's hope Buzz uses this momentum to get the right kids on the bus.

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