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Laaser Focused

Gobbler Country Sits Down With The New Voice Of The Hokies

Taylor Weidman/Getty Images

Jon Laaser (pronounced LAY-zer) was announced as long time broadcaster Bill Roth's replacement last week.  Roth made the difficult decision to leave Blacksburg for a similar position at U.C.L.A..  While the New River Valley may not match southern California's weather, we make up for it in hospitality.  I had the pleasure to talk with Bill, and can honestly say he was conflicted to make the move to say the least.  Moving forward, Virginia Tech Athletics was given the challenge to replace a fixture that had given 20 years+ to not only a program, but a community as well.  Talking with Jon, he gave me some great insight into the process of getting hired, and the road he has traveled to arrive in Blacksburg.  This is a true lunchpail guy that even Bud Foster would respect.  He has traveled from the east coast to the west in the pursuit of his passion.

When I caught up with him, he was literally walking out of a minor league baseball stadium. He was gracious, honest and open. He understands his role. He understands the challenges he will face. He let me know that Mike Burnop was part of his interview process. He met with Whit Babcock, Frank Beamer, and Buzz Williams. At Virginia Tech, its all about the "fit". They don't count on people as numbers, they become part of a family.

I thought it fitting to let Jon do his own talking and share with the readers. My favorite question from the interview was, "Who is more nervous opening against Ohio State? You or the team?" His answer might surprise you! The edited intro to the Jon Laaser Interview, Gobbler Country Live , is from the brilliant editor billdozer VT, who absolutely kills it.  He puts together some awesome vids.  I decided to format the interview with  Jon as sort of experiment for the next level for Gobbler Country.  Stay tuned to enjoy the evolution of our site.    After speaking for twenty minutes with Jon Laaser, I can assure all Hokies that he his completely the perfect man for the job, and look forward to hear him call the upset in Blacksburg against the Buckeyes.

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