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What Will It Mean?

What impact will the new indoor practice facility have?

Michael Shroyer-USA TODAY Sports

For nearly two decades Frank Beamer has wanted an indoor practice facility that was fully capable. However, over these past few decades the Hokie's head coach could have never imagined that he would get the "nicest and largest facility of its kind in the country". The new facility will not just be a football facility, but also has the width and depth to be a soccer or lacrosse pitch, which will continue to boost those programs and their individual potentials.

However, with family values aside, this is a football facility that rivals if not exceeds all others around the country. So, what will that mean for VT football? How much impact can one facility, granted all of the Hokies football facilities are pristine, have on this program?

To answers these questions, I would like to take a look at another state-of-the-art indoor facility. The Hank Crisp Indoor Facility on the University of Alabama's campus in Tuscaloosa might be the gold standard when it comes to these types of facilities. Following the 2009 renovation the Crimson Tide facility boasted 97,000 square feet of clear space to be utilized by multiple sports, that is 20% larger than Worsham Field inside Lane Stadium. While the new building in Blacksburg does not have that type of depth it does boast a height advantage, which allows the Hokie specialists to sky punts even while indoors. Coach Frank Beamer was recently asked what he would do if a kicker was able to punt the ball to the ceiling, his response was vintage Frank, "give him a scholarship".

While Alabama and VT have similar facilities and great respect for one another there is clearly an edge in winning given to the Tide. The 2009 renovation helped propel NIck Saban's program even further into the national spotlight by helping the Tide's program recruit nationally and ultimately win multiple National Titles. Could this facility in Blacksburg bring the Hokies the same luck? The answer is probably not, but it definitely won't hurt, especially on the recruiting trail where facilities seem to play such a large role in a student-athlete's decision. As the Hokies begin making plans to move the new facility to full operational status they will also be hosting multiple recruiting camps with hundreds of high school football players planning to attend. I believe that over the course of the next few weekends and even into the Fall this facility along with a renewed sense of drive will aid the Hokies on the recruiting trail.

GobblerCountry would love to hear from you: What impact will this facility have on the Virginia Tech football program?

Go Hokies!