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Kevin Weiss is ESPN Radio Blacksburg's New Host

Show Airs From 4-6 P.M. on 1480 AM, 94.1 FM

Geoff Burke/Getty Images

What brings a University of South Florida alum to Blacksburg?  Well if your Kevin Weiss, the chance to work for the ESPN radio affiliate here was the ticket.  Kevin will be hosting the "drive time" segment from 4-6 PM.  Like many in the media dealing with the  dearth of football news during the summer, Kevin is using this time to become acclimated to Blacksburg and soaking in all things Tech.

I had the good fortune to spend some time with Kevin recently, and can tell you he has a tremendous respect for the history and tradition at Virginia Tech. As we spoke, he would often segue between current issues and past performances. The other thing that struck me about Kevin is that he is both entertaining and opinionated. These traits will serve him well as the new host. Sports radio shows can be a tricky business, juggling information and callers who may have hit happy hour early. If you don't live in the Blacksburg area, no problem. You can stream his show online at or the TuneIn app available in the App Store, or Google Play store depending on your device. I personally use the TuneIn app to stream late games on the way home on Saturdays and love it.

You can follow Kevin on Twitter @KevinWeiss_

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