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The C.J. Reavis Effect

What POTENTIALLY Losing Reavis Means For The Hokies

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

C.J. Reavis is no longer enrolled at Virginia Tech, that much is clear.  What is murky is how he got in that position.  Before we start looking at replacements, pump the brakes.  This was a student conduct hearing that Reavis attended with an attorney.  Jimmy Turk not only represents Shai McKenzie, but apparently Reavis as well.  Student conduct hearings can only be made public via court order, and judging by the twitterverse reaction, it's only a matter of time.


The case is under appeal. Before you start grasping at mock depth charts, let's let this play out. I will tell you having an attorney at the student meeting doesn't make me feel confident. I will also tell you not having one might be a huge mistake. I just don't know. When I think of student run governing bodies I imagine Stan Gable and Ogre running the greek council from Revenge of The Nerds. I'm not making light of obviously a serious situation, but I feel this is not over.

Unless you know C.J. personally, or you're on said council, please stop with the gloom and doom. C.J. is a special player, Beamer said so himself, but let's let this play out before penciling in his replacement.  If in fact he is gone, o.k. we will move on.  I just see too many people with shovels digging a grave that isn't there yet.

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