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What To Listen For At A.C.C. Media Days

The One Word You Should Be Listening For

Michael Shroyer-USA TODAY Sports

With media days coming at us next week, I will be interested to hear from Coach Beamer. If history teaches us anything, Beamer likes to under promise and over deliver.  The one word you want to listen up for is "special".  He will use it to describe players like Kendall Fuller and Dadi Nicolas for sure, but I'm hoping for him to drop that moniker for the team as a whole. I hope it's not "This team has a CHANCE to be special." I would start getting excited if Coach Beamer says, "This is a special team." Over the past 20 years or so, Beamer is very selective when using this to describe his club. Beamer is very guarded in his optimism every season, and if he goes "special" on us, this could be a very interesting year.

Thanks Dadi, but we need to hear from the guy at the controls. If you get the opportunity to listen to Frank's presser at Pinehurst next week, keep your ears open. I'm sure many of the questions to Coach Beamer will be surrounding his future plans, and that's fair. We can all agree that Beamer is on the back side of his coaching career, and I'm sure the media is interested to hear his take. I believe Beamer will do his best, as he's always done, to make it about his players. He has become masterful over the past couple of years deflecting the "When are you leaving?" questions, and redirecting the focus to his team. He usually addresses it, and moves on quickly.

That is valid as well. Opposing coaches have got to be using the uncertainty as a negative recruiting tool. One thing is a given, Frank Beamer is the head coach THIS season. When he takes the stage in North Carolina next week, I am much more interested in what he thinks of the present day Hokies, not 2016 or beyond. We will cross that bridge when we get there. In the mean time I will enjoy watching something "special".

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