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Phil Steele Explains VT National Championship Chatter

Hokies In The Final Four?

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

In a recent column I shared what legendary pundit Phil Steele thought about Virginia Tech's upcoming football season.  I was shocked, as many of you were, that he had us as a darkhorse contender to hoist the national championship trophy.  I had the opportunity to ask Mr. Steele what he was basing the forecast on.  When I read it through at first glance, I was dismissive. I then went back and re-read it, and blame it on the kool-aid, it started to make sense.

"Virginia Tech should have one of Bud Foster's best defenses yet, especially
if they can stay healthy (injury plagued last couple of years). I expect
their offense to be much improved with QB Brewer being around all year and
earning the respect of his teammates after taking a lot of hits last year.
They Offensive line should be improved and at times last year they were
without their top 3 RB's. They can actually make the playoffs two ways.
Knock off Ohio St a 2nd straight year and run the table. They could have a
loss to Ohio St and run the table and win the ACC and make it as well. They
avoid Florida St, Clemson and Louisville out of the Atlantic. They get a bye
before Georgia Tech to help prepare for the option."

-Phil Steele 7/17/15

I think the most important part of Steele's reasoning is that we get a bye before the Georgia Tech game. The triple option gives us fits, and an extra week to coach gaps and assignments can't hurt. It's the only completely unique offense we face all year. He also brings up the great point of the schedule not including the cross conference powerhouses. Being a lifelong Hokie fan, I've ridden this ride before. In the early 2000's, every spring WE were on the cover of all the preview mags. There's a reason Steele can charge $15 bucks for his preview. It's worth it. It's also important to note he outlines our path if we lose to the Buckeyes. I have been beating the "win the conference" drum all spring, and won't stop now.