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Best Tweets From ACC Media Days

Gobbler Country Checks In At Pinehurst

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Media days are here! Excuse me, #ACCKickoff is here, and at Gobbler Country, we've assembled the best tweets sent out so far.  The serious ones we like, the funny ones we love.  Here are the best ones we've seen so far:

This "husky" fellow is enjoying his time in North Carolina. I want to get some wings, drink a beverage with this guy. His name is D.J. Reader, and he's got moves like Jagger. (Modern day)

Burn. Or at the very least a simmer.

Brewer needs his scruff back. He would get carded buying a comic book with this clean look.

"Umm, yes Mike Stephens, Lunch Pail Weekly...How would you improve your fit and finish for 2015. I hear you have a 4* thermos in the pipeline. Care to comment?"

This guy was just asked if his homework assignment was ready, and he didn't have it. The leather helmet is a nice touch!

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