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#DBU17: Devante Smith Commits to Virginia Tech

Class of 2017 gains first commitment

The first Tech commitment for the 2017 class is, of course, a DB
The first Tech commitment for the 2017 class is, of course, a DB
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Devante Smith (Manassas, VA. 185lbs. 6'-1", Athlete)

Right now, Smith is listed as a Safety on 247sports and Rivals at safety. I'm classifying him as an Athlete due to his consistent role on offense just as much as defense.

Smith earned a scholarship offer only a week ago on the 14th at a camp where the Hokies became his first offer, apparently earning the respect of the coaches enough to earn the offer on the spot. Smith is obviously very athletic- he lines up at quarterback and wide receiver, even at sophomore year. Offensively he's another spread-read-option quarterback- though reading from Rivals, it appears he's more of a general-purpose offensive threat rather than true quarterback. I'd say he has just as much ability to look downfield when the pocket collapses just as much as he shows a willingness to throw. His balls seem slower- I'm not sure his arm is good enough to contemplate major college quarterback, but that didn't stop limp noodles like Colt Brennan and Chad Pennington from being successful. He's got a penchant for big plays, repeatedly demonstrating the ability to escape pursuing tacklers on offense, bobbing and weaving around the defense due to his offensive line acting as a sieve.

On defense- which is where I we're recruiting him, since this seems to be a Torrian Grey Production- he currently projects to be a Rover in Bud Foster's scheme. He might be a tad small for the job, he sure comes down into the box with an intent to flatten ball carriers. Unfortunately his highlight reel showed little if any pass coverage, but with the athleticism he flashed, as long as he can learn how to turn his head around when the ball is in the air, he should learn fast.

As we're obviously a ways away from the 2017 class's completion, we'll see how long he stays undiscovered. He's not currently in the ESPN300, nor is he rated by 247 sports. But this does continue a pipeline at Stonewall Jackson High School, which has supplied the Hokies with several players over the years- Ryan Williams, Greg Stroman, Tim Settle, and current 2016 recruit Reggie Floyd all went to Stonewall.

Congratulations on earning that offer and your commitment, Devante. We'd be happy to have you onboard.