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Not all of Virginia Tech’s Sporting Efforts Involve Moving a Ball

Nick Laham/Getty Images

When one thinks of Virginia Tech sports the first thing that jumps to mind is the university’s endeavors on the football front, or perhaps the efforts of the basketball or baseball team.  But, not all of VPI’s sporting efforts involve a ball and its movements.  Since 1988 Virginia Tech has been a staple in the motorsport arena.

Virginia Tech participates in Formula Society of Automotive Engineers, or Formula SAE, not to be confused with the well-known fraternity.  Virginia Tech has participated and competed in Formula SAE since 1988, and were, in fact, the 1991 World Champions.  In the course of competition the vehicle, created by students, is graded on a scale of 1000 points.  The critics take into consideration both static and dynamic considerations.  Dynamically the cars are rated on their acceleration, skid-pad, autocross, fuel economy, and endurance performance.  On the static side the vehicles are judged on presentation, engineering design, and cost analysis.  One can review the associated history of performance at the following link ( which details the car’s performance in the aforementioned classifying considerations since Virginia Tech's entry into the competition.

The intent of the Hokie student’s efforts is to produce a prototype car for evaluation and production for nonprofessional autocross racers.  The goal is for the car itself to cost less than $25,000.  The team itself is made up of scores of students who are responsible for the numerous facets of the vehicle.

Virginia Tech continues to turn heads with its performance in ball related sports, but they are already World Champions in the field of motorsport!  Go Hokies!  View the 2014 VT SAE promotional video here!


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