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Let's Go Bills! Tyrod Taylor Era Begins?

Tyrod Taylor is set to compete for the starting Quarterback position for the Buffalo Bills, but are the rumors of his potential emergence legit?

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

With camp set to open July 31st, all Virginia Tech Alums needs to keep an eye out for the Buffalo Bills Quarterback competition because the off-season leader in the clubhouse has been rumored to be former Baltimore Ravens back-up, Tyrod Taylor. Is it all hype or legit?

First things first, whose the competition? Behind door #1 is former 2013 1st round pick EJ Manuel who hasn't exactly lit the league on fire to date. Injuries have certainly been a factor, but having watched him play his career out at Florida State I never once came away saying now THAT is a future elite NFL Quarterback! Behind door #2 is the fanbase gut punch option of starting Matt Cassel who does all sorts of Matt Cassel like things. Playing for his fourth team in his NFL career, Cassel has thrown 20 touchdowns, 25 interceptions, and 9 fumbles over the past three seasons playing for the Kansas City Chiefs and Minnesota Vikings respectfully. At the age of 33, Cassel is more suited to play the role of mentor/back-up rather than the Rich Gannon career resurgence role.

Which leads us to our man, Tyrod Taylor. Entering his 5th season in the league Tyrod has been holding clipboards and backing up Superbowl winning quarterback, Joe Flacco for the past four years.  During that span, Tyrod managed to throw exactly zippy touchdowns and two interceptions, so why all the hype? Well, according to others such as Vic Carucci of the Buffalo News, new head coach Rex Ryan hand picked the newly signed Tyrod over the off-season and has been tracking the young quarterback the past several years. Playing to Tyrod's favor even more is the hiring of new offensive coordinator Greg Roman, previously the San Francisco 49ers OC who deployed a similarly mobile quarterback in Colin Kaepernick. Who better to mold a young quarterback with limited pocket awareness but extreme mobility and a cannon for an arm?

Best part of it all is that the Bills actually have weapons on offense, specifically a potentially stout running game led by the newly acquired via trade, LeSean McCoy, who only invites the ladies to parties and the ageless wonder, Fred Jackson who is still playing at the age of 50. On the perimeter, the wide receiving core is led by 2nd year stud Sammy Watkins, locker room malcontent, Percy Harvin and the underrated Robert Woods whom you're bound to pick up in in fantasy waivers this season only to drop him a week later. Lastly, another sneaky off-season signing that could pay big dividends is safety valve/tight-end Charles Clay who was stolen away from the division rival, Miami Dolphins. Ultimately, the starting quarterback will be the one with the least amount of turnovers/bone headed mistakes as Rex/Roman will rely heavily on an old-school rushing attack and elite defense (sound familiar Jets fans?).

All in all, led by Ryan's defensive acumen and an already potent defensive line, sprinkle on top some young intriguing offensive weapons you just may have the recipe for a perfect situation to allow Tyrod the opportunity to become the new starting quarterback for the Bills. Keep an eye out for this one.