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Post BBQ Recruiting Outlook

Some Key Commits Plan On Announcing This Week

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

After a successful recruiting weekend, Virginia Tech now plays the waiting game.  It's like those high school days waiting on your crush to call.  It must be infuriating. I've been known to pick up the phone to make sure it's working in a vain attempt to hurry along the process.  This week will feature a few big time kids announcing their plans to attend college.  Here are the men you should keep an eye out for:


This is a true 4* WR, and would love to see him catching passes from Dwayne Lawson in 2016. Maryland is the competition here, and are making a huge late run. He is expected to announce Friday.


Here is a 3* that is a natural linebacker, but with size (6'4" 215) could literally play anywhere. We are leaders in the clubhouse, with Kentucky trailing. He is a Florida product, and has offers from Virginia and Minnesota.


At 6'4" 235, he is a physical specimen. VT needs to beat out Rutgers to secure the sure handed TE who has offers from UCF, Illinois, and Miami. He's a natural fit for the offense, and would be a huge grab for Tech.

One important reminder, a commitment is only verbal. Until an athlete has a signed LOI, this is merely part of the dance. While its great to count these kids as "in the bank", they are not in the bank. Until the fax machine (1994?) prints out the signed document, its anybody's guess. I just hope all these kids end up on campus!

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