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The Jim Weaver Legacy

The Man Who Left A Giant Footprint In Blacksburg

Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images

As the news of Jim Weaver's passing hit social media, the solemn praise and sorrow soon followed.  Weaver has left an indelible mark at Virginia Tech and will never be forgotten.  Former colleagues, coaches, and players have expressed their deepest sympathy for Jim's family.  The outpouring at such a loss exemplifies the bond and community at Virginia Tech.  From the long road as student, player, and administrator, Weaver reached a pinnacle to shepherd the Virginia Tech Hokies to unprecedented heights.  If the measure of a man's worth is measured in his friends, then Weaver was indeed a wealthy man.  The mark of a true leader and visionary is inspiration.  Jim Weaver inspired many, many Hokies.

Looking back on Jim Weaver's impressive resume, it's hard to find a singular narrative that defines a career and a man.

After reading through the flood of sentiments and thank you's, the one defining quality stands out.

"Jim Weaver was that special type of individual that had absolute faith in his people.  He was a champion of integrity, and at Virginia Tech, that means something."

-Roy Hatfield

In terms of tangible legacy, the fact that Virginia Tech is in the A.C.C. should be front and center. Jim had the foresight to understand that in order for Virginia Tech to grow, they may need to change. That change involved leaving the Big East and joining the A.C.C.. Again, when we speak of true leadership, we speak of being a visionary. Virginia Tech was comfortable in the Big East, and the easy decision was to stand pat. Weaver understood for the future of the institution's growth, a difficult decision had to made. That was the easy part. The part that seems to fade from memory is that the A.C.C. wasn't exactly recruiting Virginia Tech to join its ranks. Weaver, as well as others made that happen. A few years ago when it looked like Texas was joining the Pac-12, and Missouri somehow ended up in the S.E.C., Virginia Tech was in an enviable position in a proven conference. Big East football and basketball is a mere shell of its former self. Jim knew that Virginia Tech shouldn't be in a frantic game of musical chairs to find a home. Next time Coach K and Duke roll into Cassell Coliseum, remember Jim Weaver. The fact that Virginia Tech was even in the Big East to begin with? Remember Jim Weaver.

Myself and all of Gobbler Country want to express our deepest sympathies to the Weaver family. You are in our prayers during this difficult time. We thank you for sharing an amazing human being with us, and for that, we thank you.